Join Me at Thrive Workshop on May 13th 

Let's spend a day together, in-person focusing on your fitness, health, inner peace & calm

event date & location

May 13th

Maldron Hotel, Oranmore


You missed out!

When was the last time you took quality 'time out' to reflect on you?

If you're like most of the women I meet, you spend most of your time running around serving others without giving your own wellbeing and peace of mind barely a second's thought. That's exactly why I designed this workshop - so YOU can get back in touch with yourself again, body and mind. The aim of our day together is for you to leave, calmer, more relaxed, with a new set of tools you can use time and time again - on your own time - to consistently improive your physical and mental health into the future.

What we'll work on

Movement (Body)

Let's kick things off with a workout!

We’ll get sweaty and learn all the basics and foundations of a good resistance workout. This session will be suitable for complete beginners, totally safe and you’ll work out in a light to moderate capacity.

Nothing strenuous, no jumping, completely low-impact.

You'll learn correct technique and form so you feel safe exercising on your own. 

Thrive Time (Mind)

After your shower and a spot of lunch, that’s when we start to take care of our mind.

Learn some simple, repeatable techniques to add peace and calm into your life.

Discover how journaling can help you feel more calm, organized and in control.

We’ll explore how meditation can help you reduce anxiety and stress, and begin to let go of things that aren't serving you any more.

Reflection & Planning

Reflection will be a key part of our days together.

Guided exercises will help you see clearly where you are now and what you need to put in place to get where you want to be.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your life.

Take time to plan and set goals and action steps for the year ahead.

What gets measured, gets done!

Meet Your host

Jessica Cooke

Owner, Jessica Cooke Coaching

about the host

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What's The Itinerary for the Workshop?


Planned Activity


Tea & Coffee on arrival


Introduction & Intention setting








Wind-down & Stretching


Shower & Lunch (included)


Thrive Time


Reflection & Planning (Workbooks)


Questions & Answers and Wind Down

What You Need to Bring...

  • Arrive in your workout gear
  • Bring a change of clothes and shower stuff if you plan on having a shower
  • Warm clothing for post workout in case you get chilly. Bring extra jumper and clothes you find comfy.
  • Plenty of water (2 litres is good)
  • Your journal!

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Feedback from Past Events

Niamh Stack

Business Development Manager, Clayton Hotel Group

Jessica spoke at our corporate evening. It was informative, motivating and interesting. She engaged well with our clients and colleagues and gave really good practical tips on how to incorporate exercise into our busy lives. She promoted the importance of it for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We would recommend Jessica.

Deirdre Keary

Learning and Development Specialist, Boston Scientific

Jessica did a two hour Health & Wellness Workshop with my group at Boston Scientific. Jessica's message was powerful......small changes can give big results! During the workshop she gave use some reflective exercises and these really make you stop and think about how you're living at present and where could be improved. I was very impressed with her message.

We've invited Jessica back give the same workshop to our Women's Network in May as I believe she will resonate with many of our employees.

Sarah Grealish

Sales and Marketing Co-Ordinator

Brilliant speaker and very motivating for myself personally. Power point wasn't full of text or boring, it was very to the point. I went to the gym at 8.30pm after the event.

Absolutely, it was very motivating,

That it isn't hard to take 20 minutes out of your day to do exercise and feel better about yourself when it's done.

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You missed out!