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Hi and welcome to today's podcast episode.

Thanks very much so much for tuning in.

It's really lovely to be here wherever you are a big Hello to you, whether you are out on your walk or you're cleaning the house, you're taking a break from work, you're driving in your car or maybe you're waiting in your car.

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So on with the show.

It's Halloween as I am recording this podcast and I must say I'm having a really great time hanging out with family, really fills my cup and not only does it fill my cup, it also leaves me feeling rested and relaxed.

Something I never used to buy into.

I used to work hard and play hard and only see the weekends and time off as times to go crazy.

Now I make sure I get solid rest.

I relax.

I get out in nature and the benefits are huge.

I just come back into work, more motivated than ever full of ideas and really excited about helping women over 40 get fit healthy and find the freedom to love themselves again.

I've also just gotten great news.

I injured my back while I was sleeping.

I did some weird jerky movement and I finally gotten the all clear from my physio after six weeks of no workouts.

And you know what?

It's just shown me how absolutely amazing lifting weights is for your body because I was six weeks out.

And aside from worrying about my mobility and my back pain, I was really actually worried about gaining weight and my clothes feeling like crap and then me feeling like crap and starting back on that horrible cycle again.

But I didn't, I did my first workout back in six weeks.

My core strength is still there.

My strength is still there.

I was back able to lift a five kg weight.

I think I'm telling you this because I just want you to know how incredible lifting weights is and how much more capable and strong you feel in your own body.

And how much that stays with you.

Even if you have to take a break if you go on holidays or if you get injured, the strength still stays there for a long time.

Lifting weights is the most empowering, most cool thing you can do if you are a woman over 40 if you're a woman at all, and I'm going to give you nine reasons in this short episode.

Why lifting weights is so amazing if you don't lift weights.

Now, if you do lift weights, let it serve as a powerful motivating reminder that what you're doing is absolutely brilliant for your body.

The best thing you could be doing for your body.

It is hands down for women over 40.

The best type of exercise you can be doing for yourself.

And yet still the message isn't widely out there.

I know doctors and there's messages now in newspapers really saying about talking about strength training, lifting weights.

But I still don't feel like it's loud enough yet.

I still meet so many women that are struggling by doing hours on the cardio hours on the treadmill, the cross trainer pounding the pavements, walking, doing hours, spending so long, exercising and feeling like they're not getting anywhere.

And I want you to know that if you lifted weights for three times a week for 30 minutes at home, you can get into absolutely brilliant shape.

And not only can you get into brilliant shape, but you're going to get these nine wonderful benefits that come with lifting weights.

And I just want to say to you now that when I say lifting weights, I'm not talking about you getting a big barbell bar on your shoulders and lifting 120 kg.

I'm talking about dumbbells.

Light little dumbbells starting off with three kg weights on each hand and progressing as you get fit.

The max I've ever lifted has been seven kg and I'm back down to the five kg now.

So I'm not talking about big heavy weights.

I'm just talking about the lighter dumbbells.

Number one coming at you is muscle strength and endurance.

So weightlifting helps you build muscle strength and endurance, which is really, really important.

And as you progressively increase the weight and intensity of your workouts, like I just mentioned, you might start off with three kg weights and then move up to five, your muscles adapt and grow stronger and this is what makes everyday activities easier and reduces the risk of injuries.

So think of all those things like the shopping, lifting up your kids, moving, furniture, cleaning, getting outdoors, anything that you need to push or pull or move.

Weightlifting is making those everyday tasks so much easier for you.

And I remember when I started strength training, I was so unfit.

However, I used to do an awful lot of cardio.

I used to run, I used to do treadmill and the cross trainer and I used to always pound the pavements, I say pound the pavements because it really brings up the visualization of me, you know, walking really fast overweight, trying to run away from the weight gain and just not getting anywhere.

And then when I started strength training, I realized that all these everyday activities started to come quite easy.

Like hoofing all the shopping bags into the basket into the trolley at the end of your shopping, your your weekly shopping or moving things around the house or playing with the kids.

I noticed that I was getting much stronger, much stronger in myself.

My muscles felt strong and it's a really, really powerful feeling to have to spend your days feeling really strong and really capable.

And do you know what happens when you feel really strong and capable?

You want to keep it?

So you do more.

It's really motivating.

I love feeling fit and strong.

Therefore, I continue to lift weights.

I lift weights three times a week for 30 minutes.

Like I mentioned, I just lift five kg weights and I'm so strong.

I'm so strong.

It's absolutely terrific.

The second one is lean muscle mass.

You're going to improve your lean muscle mass.

So lifting weights helps with that.

And the benefits of that is that it actually improves your physical appearance.

So it boosts your metabolism and it helps you burn more calories at rest and what a lot of people get wrong because they're told that by these silly apps and the trackers that we have on our watches and things like that is, most people are led to believe that the calories burned in a workout has some significance.

It doesn't have any significance at all.

In fact, I think it was Harvard that did a study that showed that those trackers are mostly 72% I think on average wrong.

Um, they did a study in 2019 and they don't make sense.

Calories burned in a workout.

Don't make sense.

What lifting weights does is, it helps you burn calories all throughout the day.

It's kind of like a stove at home when you get it in that lovely full blast.

And then you don't really need to put the firewood on it for a long time because it's in the zone and it's burning really efficiently.

That's what is happening to your body.

When you lift weights, you build lean muscle on your body and you, you become like the stove, you become really efficient at burning fat.

It takes a little while, you know, you can't just lift weights for a couple of days and wonder how come you're not in brilliant shape.

You need to be consistent with it, but you get fit and toned and lean muscle and you feel terrific in your clothes.

Of course, along with healthy eating and the wonderful thing about lifting weights is that you burn calories, you burn more calories at rest than the person beside you who doesn't lift weights.

So it's just remarkable what it does for your metabolism.

So, the third thing is your bone density.

So, if your doctor has spoken to you about osteopenia, osteoporosis, you know exactly what I'm talking about that our bone density decreases as we get older and it decreases specifically for women because of all the hormonal changes that we go through having osteopenia and osteoporosis means that we're more likely to have fractures on our bones when we fall and our bones become more fragile and more brittle and it becomes more dangerous for us.

A fall can have very serious consequences.

The really cool thing about lifting weights is that it actually improves your bone density and you know, getting older, it's really easy to think that everything just goes slower and, and it decreases and doesn't improve.

But in fact, building lean muscle mass and improving your bone density is exactly what happens as you get older.

If you lift weights, which is really, really cool, it's really cool that lifting weights three times a week for 30 minutes increases and improves, improves your bone health and increases your bone density, which means you have a much less chance of having osteoporosis.

And if you do have it that it, it helps you manage osteoporosis and a hell of a lot better.


So the next benefit is fat loss, building lean muscle through weightlifting leads to fat loss.

Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue.

Meaning it burns more calories, it can stimulate the afterburn effect where your body continues to burn calories.

Even after your workout, I've talked about that.

It's absolutely terrific.

It is so much more easy to manage your weight.

I have done both.

I did cardio for years and years and years and I really struggled.

I switched, I got the correct information, switched to weight training and even in my six weeks of being out of action recently because of my back injury, I didn't gain any weight and I credit most of that.

Yes, I was eating healthy to the fact that my metabolism was so high and that my lean muscle mass was so good and that it just carried me through that time, which was really, really terrific.

The next benefit is posture and balance.

So weightlifting exercises that target your core muscles helps improve your posture and balance.

And you know what posture and balance is really good for posture to help with back pain can reduce back pain.

Also helps with your confidence and your balance so that you are less likely to fall.

And I remember reading this stuff 10 years ago thinking, yeah.



Now, past 40 in my forties.

Oh my God, it's so important.

I don't want to get injured again.

So important for our posture and our balance to make sure that we are lifting weights next up is hormonal benefits.

Weight training.

Would you believe regulates hormones including insulin and estrogen, which can have a really positive effect on our overall health.

And it can help women manage symptoms of conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is really, really cool mental health.

That's another benefit of lifting weights and I can absolutely attest for that.

Weightlifting can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health.

It reduces stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.

The sense of achievement and improved body image can boost your self esteem and confidence.

That's putting it mildly, think of yourself pushing weights over your head, doing 12 repetitions of like a shoulder press, think of yourself the hero in a movie, having a really tough time.

However, making time to squat to lunge to do press ups, to do upright rows, to do shoulder presses, to get strong, to be the main character in your, in your life, to be the super cool superhero who is fit and healthy and gets to go on these really, really cool adventures.

I, I love that so much.

Now, it's my favorite thing about lifting weights.

I feel so capable when I go traveling.

I feel so capable.

When I'm with my kids and my family, it's completely transformed my life.

And back when I didn't lift weights, my body just didn't feel good.

I felt sluggish.

I felt tired.

I felt unhealthy.

Even if I was eating healthy, my body didn't feel anything like it does.

Now, it's kind of like the feeling that you could be called upon at any time to go and fix something around the house or sort something out or go with your kids and you can, you don't have to wait until you're fully rested or the weekend or you, you've more energy, you feel more capable and it feeds into your confidence in yourself.

You're so much more confident.

When you talk to people, when you interact with people in work, you stand straighter in photographs.

It's, it's really, really cool.

The next benefit is functional strength.

So we cover this a little bit, but weightlifting can really improve your ability to perform daily tasks such as lifting, carrying moving objects.

And that just improves the quality of your life.

The quality of your life is, is, is life itself.

And if you don't feel like you have a good quality of life, look at your health and your fitness first.

Are you eating junk food too much?

Are you not drinking enough water?

Are you not lifting weights?

Of course, you're going to feel like crap.

Of course, your body is going to feel bloated and heavy and more fat all over it.

Of course, get a couple of key things right.

And you're going to feel mighty and it doesn't matter what age you are.

Don't believe anybody that tells you that it all just goes downhill or you know, those really negative people that make you believe that this is just the way things are.

You can feel amazing, amazing.

And it all starts in my opinion, with lifting weights.

The next benefit is independence and aging.

So, weightlifting can really help you feel independent, strong muscles are so important for daily living and weightlifting can really delay the onset of age related muscle loss.

Empowerment is the next benefit.

Weightlifting, as I mentioned is so, so empowering, you feel like a different person, you just have such a sense of control and accomplishment over your body.

You feel like you are in the driving seat of your body, especially when you are going through the menopause or you're perimenopausal.

And you know that feeling when you don't feel like your body is your own, if you want that feeling back, go and lift weights.

And like I mentioned to you, you don't have to get into crossfit or lifting heavy weights, you can lift a set of three kg weights or five kg weights and do the really easy to follow basic exercises three times a week for 30 minutes.

And I promise every single benefit that I've just mentioned here, you are going to get in spades and when you feel good, you are going to make healthier choices.

And when you make healthier choices, you're going to become fit and healthy, you're not going to be dieting, weighing yourself, doing all that horrible stuff.

Before I go, I want to say to you in order to lift weights three times a week, you need to make space for yourself and honor your needs.

The only way to lift weights isn't to start adding it on to your already busy life.

It's to make the time for you.

Put it on your calendar, ring fence, it put boundaries round it, don't move it for anybody.

Find the time first or you'll only feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this short little podcast episode on the benefits of lifting weights.

I promise you it is an absolute game changer to your life in so, so many ways, if you haven't already, I would so appreciate it if you could leave a review for this podcast and share it with a friend.

Somebody that you think might be interested in this.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for listening and all my love.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode and you must let me know by getting in touch.

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