Why it is important to complete a variety of exercises when working out?

I didn’t think I could fall in love with the type of training we do at Inspire Fitness any more, until lockdown happened. At Inspire, we’ve always coached our clients with a mix of interval training, resistance training and core work. And we’ve always gotten terrific results. I’ve been doing this 12 years now, and I fell in love with this type of training years ago, after my breakdown, when I discovered it, and started doing it myself.

The feeling it gives you, combined with the results you get, is amazing.

Over lockdown, as we temporarily moved everything online, we all started working out 5 days per week, for about 30 minutes.

The results have been absolutely phenomenal, with many clients losing weight, dropping a dress size and feeling terrific in their clothes, at a time when it was most easy to gain weight.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know I’ve seen first hand throughout these twelve years, that if you get the perfect combination of exercises, you get brilliant results.

There’s a few reasons why our method works so well.

Once you hit 30, your muscle mass starts to decrease. Your metabolism slows, and you start to gain weight easier. As you approach 40, and into 50, it’s easier to gain weight around your middle, and this happens to almost everyone. Your bones weaken, leaving you open to osteopenia, you can be prone to feeling down as the menopause starts and your hormones start to change, and it can all feel like you’re a little bit out of control.

Combining interval training with resistance and core work, gives you the prefect combination to solve every problem. You build lean muscles mass and you strengthen your bones. Interval training helps you burn a huge amount of calories at rest, turning you into a calorie burning machine. The core work gives you a strong core, strengthening your stomach and back, while helping you achieve a flatter stomach. You need to do different exercises the whole time, to keep your muscles guessing, and to keep getting results. If you do the same thing over and over, like gyms in a machine, your muscles won’t have to work very much.. what a waste of time!

All the solutions to the problems we face that I just described can all be solved by doing this type of training 3-4 times per week, for about 30-40 minutes per session. When you think about the hours you spend complaining about your weight and how you feel, it’s nothing. And I’m guaranteeing you that it does this.

So now, if you’re walking for miles, or going around in circles on Milon machines, or any machines for that matter, and you’re not happy, know that there is another way that will get you better results.

I can’t bear machines. For me they take away the whole essence of working out. They’re boring and monotonous, a little bit like counting your food points, if you ever did that.

If you’re stuck doing something you hate, or what you’re doing has no life to it, spend one week doing interval training and you’ll never look back. It’s the most fun, happy type of exercise you can do, and the endorphin rush at the end when you’re done, is indescribable. You feel on top of the world, like you can conquer anything. Your body feels so good, so strong.

I hope this helps, you can grab recipes and kickstarts on the free tools section of our website, just follow this link and it’ll take you there.

Here for you,

Jessica Cooke

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Jessica Cooke

Over 7000+ successful women over 40 have benefitted from going through my Thrive Coaching Program since 2008.

When I'm not coaching, I love spending time with my family, playing pickleball, and reading. Every chance I can get, I'll take my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy for a walk in nature.

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