When Will You Start Losing Weight?

If your action steps are healthy, you’ll get into good shape. If they’re unhealthy, you’ll get out of shape. It really is as simple as that.

The weighing scales should be avoided at all costs. They will drive you demented, dictate your mood, and probably lead you to unhealthy habits, on the days they’re not saying what you want them to say. Why not free yourself of all this? You can you know. You’re not going to suddenly ballon just because you don’t know what you weigh.

If you’re eating healthy, working out and drinking lots of water AND you’re overweight, YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT. It’s science. You can see science for yourself when you go on holiday, move less and eat more. Most of us come back about 7lbs (clothes tighter) heavier. It can be really easy to feel like you gain weight really quickly because alcohol and salty foods also lead to water retention. So you come back really bloated and feeling unhealthy. You don’t question the science behind weight gain, so don’t question the science behind weight loss.

When will you start losing weight?

When you workout, eat well and drink loads of water consistently. Over time, your metabolism will get high, you’ll burn fat at rest, you’ll fit great in your clothes. You should START to see good results after about a month of being healthy. Yes you’ll notice littel stuff before but give your body a good 4 weeks to adjust to all the changes and to start burning fat efficiently.

If you’ve started a program and are working out, eating well and drinking loads of water, and you HAVE NOT seen any weight loss, jeepers, don’t get disheartened! Just keep it up! You’ve made a positive into a negative just like that! ”Hey look! I’m working out and eating well but I’ve haven’t lost any weight yet so I must be a complete failure”!

”You mean you’ve gone from no exercise to 3 workouts, from snacking at night to no sugar/alcohol during the week and you’re now eating really healthy”????

WOW. Well done.


We can make things so complicated sometimes but if we just get on with it, trust in science, you’ll do so much better and not wreck your head while doing it.

Being healthy is amazing, and the bonus is, you’ll fit great in your clothes too, if you just give it a bit of time.

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To your success,

Jessica Cooke

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Jessica Cooke

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