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Hi and welcome to today's podcast episode. Thank you so much for being here. I know you could be anywhere else and I just appreciate it so much that you're getting something out of this podcast in today's podcast episode. I want to chat to you about what's achievable in 12 weeks in a fitness program. What's achievable in 12 weeks so that, you know exactly what to expect. And the timing is actually really good with this podcast episode because I'm recording this. It's the end of August.

I'm going to be launching doors opening to my coaching program at the very end of August beginning of September. So this is really timely and it might help some of you sitting on the fence unsure about whether my thrive coaching program is for you. My 12 week thrive coaching program, this is a great episode. Um um And before we get stuck in, I just want to chat to you about where I've been over the past five nights, six nights. I was over in France, um visiting my grandad, my grandfather who lives over there.

I'm terrible with ages, but I think he's 94 and, uh, he lives over there with his wife and he's a great life. He's been super successful in his career and in his life and it's always, I just love going over to see him. It's a big family reunion every year we go over. Um, and it just, this year has blown me away because as you know, if you're following my podcast episodes, I gave up alcohol a year, months ago and I used to go to those events and just get really drunk. Um, and we would, we would all just get super drunk five or six nights just out every night, dinner wine.

And then of course, I would just drink as much as I could. Um, and I would always just go home feeling just shame and guilt and so bad and sweaty and toxic. And I just remember so well getting off, um checking out of the um hotel and just feeling so sweaty and disgusting on the way home being in the taxi, just thinking this is just horrific, um, sweaty, anxious, nervous feeling so bad and knowing that it was just going to take me days to feel better. You know, that feeling now when you're past, when you're, you know, forties and beyond, when you're hungover and you know, it's going to take like if you drank on a Friday or a Saturday, it's going to take you until at least Wednesday to feel back to normal.

And you're just sitting there in your hangover going. I can't even say I'm going to feel better later. It's gonna take me five days to feel. Ok. Well, that was not here this time. It was amazing because I don't drink anymore. I went over, I saw a family at a really lovely time. We went swimming. Um I met everybody for dinner and I had lovely dinners and I came home and I was sober and I woke up the next morning and I had my alarm clock set for 8 a.m. to go down to breakfast. And it, it, it just felt so right for me and I got in the taxi to get to the airport last night yesterday and I felt really good, felt really good at the airport. Feel terrific.

Recording this podcast episode. I just wanted to share this with you in case you're listening and you're despising alcohol and you don't know what life is going to be like without it. Um It is amazing. It's a gift. It's a gift that keeps on giving. I promise. There's no void. It's only joy. Think of your best day and multiply that by seven. Like that's what it's like when you don't drink. It's incredible. Every day you wake up and there's new hope. There's hope to have a good day. I didn't have that when I drank and I, you know, I drank at weekends, but that was enough, that was enough to make me feel really bad for four days out of seven.

And every day I didn't feel hope. I felt misery and trap. I felt stuck in a cycle really bad. Um So I want you to know if you're thinking about it. It is glorious. It is wonderful and I recommend it so much. Um OK, so, um 12 week program, what can you expect to achieve in 12 weeks if you're listening to this and you're feeling overweight, your clothes are tight, you've stopped working out, you're not fit or maybe you've never worked out before and you've got that feeling where?

Oh, I actually, I'd love to lose weight before December. It's the end of August now. Great timeline. I'd love to get fit and feel good um before December, but I'm just not sure, I'm not sure if I can do it. I'm not sure how long it's going to take. I've failed in the past all those things, I just want to read you out. Um, a message that I got from a client who has just completed my 12 week program and, you know, she has complete privacy. Um, so, um, I just want to read it out here now if I can just get it up on my screen. Um, it is a really amazing, amazing thing and I would just want you to read it or listen to it.

So I couldn't believe the difference in just three weeks. I noticed I had lost so much weight off my shoulders, which was due to gradually increasing my weights and I was so much fitter. I've worked out three times a week. Always early morning, thrive, always includes a 10 minute mindfulness of positive affirmations which are really encouraging and a lovely way to start. The day. I have seen such a change in my body. I have toned up. I can now see my waist and I know I will shift the rest of the belly fat soon. I am a breast cancer survivor. And I know how important it is to stay fit and healthy for my family, for me. And most importantly, for my grandson Charlie. Isn't that just amazing? And that was within 12 weeks, the 12 week thrive coaching program.

I am so so proud of her. She's a breast cancer survivor and she wanted to get fit and healthy. She for her grandson, for her family and not only that she's lost weight, she's feeling really good on her clothes. I am just so proud of her. That's from working out for 30 minutes, three times a week and she's an absolute legend. Um So when I've been coaching women for over 14 years now, that is a lot of women. Um And I definitely notice patterns. It's impossible not to when you coach that amount of women over 14 years. And there are so many things you can achieve in 12 weeks if you get the structure right? And you follow certain tips that I'm going to give you now.

However, I want to tell you what most people do when they think about starting a 12 week program. Um and this is really, really common. So I want to tell you now so that, you know, so that you can avoid it for yourself. I've written them down here. So what most of us do? And I've done this myself all of the time in the past. Um We say, right, we want to get fit, lose weight, become healthier, feel better in some way. We want to move away from feeling like shit and feel good and feel fit and healthy and lose weight or lose the belly fat. And we have a goal, it's a weight loss goal or a fitness goal.

So we say, right, this is it. I'm going to sign up to this 12 week program that I've seen, I'm going to achieve all my goals. Terrific. You sign up to the program and the second you sign up to the program, this is what takes over your perfectionist mindset, your all or nothing mindset. You are, start to embark on 12 weeks of restriction or. So you think you're going to, you, you think you're going to start on 12 weeks of perfection with dieting, you get the weighing scales, pride of place in the bathroom and you're like right day one, you jump on the weighing scales. Now, this is what I've seen.

A lot of women do and it's something that I have done myself all of the time. You get really excited about something, you sign up to it and then all the negative stuff starts, you go from being a normal person to complete. Everything has to be absolutely perfect or I won't get it right. You start to think that you have to be all or nothing. Everybody, so many women I meet talk about all or nothing that they're all or they're nothing. And that's why they think when they start a program, they have to be all in or all out, they have to be completely off sugar or like junk food or they won't be able to do or nothing.

They have to completely give up alcohol or nothing. They have to like there's no room for imperfection and there's no room for normal life. It has to be 12 weeks of like a cleared schedule. Nothing big is coming in your way that you can dedicate. The amount of times I hear women say that they're ready to dedicate the next 12 weeks to my thrive coaching program. They put all this insurmountable pressure on themselves. And that's when the beration starts. That's when the self hate and the self loathing also starts. So you have this, you know, you start a program, you put all this pressure on yourself and then instead of going happy days, this is deadly. I've started a program. I'm so proud of myself. You start to obsess, this is when you start to call yourself unfit, overweight, too old to get fit.

You won't be fit enough, you won't be able to keep up, you won't be able and all this crack like you're a zero crack and you put all this pressure on yourself and your family are probably thinking what the hell is wrong and you look in the mirror, you look in shop windows, you start to jump on the scales, you start to tell yourself it's not working. Does that sound familiar? Because it sounds familiar to me? And that is what a lot of women in the past 14 years, I've been coaching, start the program like and myself included. I have started every program, you know, listening to this podcast episode, it took me years to lose the three stone and actually be like be the same size shape, whatever I am now and be healthy took me years because that's exactly what I used to do. Start a program. All of a sudden I was all or nothing.

All of a sudden I was dieting. Don't even look at me with that pizza slice. I'm here over here eating my salad with no dressing. But however, I'll binge on a Friday night after I've had loads of drinks, but then I'll get back on the wagon and berate myself and hate myself. And I would look in the mirror and just think you are so fat and disgusting. And I would do that when I had started a program probably more. So when I had, when I was doing a program or I started a fitness program, not when I wasn't in a way I could almost, I don't know, it was just horrific and I used to jump up and down on the weighing scales. The second I started the program and look for weight loss. I was looking for, for results clearly in all the wrong places. And do you know what happens when you start a program like this? And you all of a sudden start to think you won't be able, you won't be fit enough. You're fat, you're this, you're that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

So you quit and I don't blame you. How can anybody keep going with that amount of pressure put on themselves of course you're going to associate getting fit with pain and negativity and your usual life with it being it being easier in your usual life. Well, there's so many ways it might feel easier. You don't have to confront the things, you know, that you have to confront when you're doing a program. Um, but all this pressure, all this negativity, all this self hatred tends to come out a lot with women when they start a fitness program, which is really crazy when you think about it because when you start a fitness program, that's when you need a big round of applause, a big hug. Wow, fair fucks to you.

You've started your journey of becoming fit and healthy and you know, I was only just talking to a client about this today. Her name is Tammy. Shout out to Tammy that embracing all like embracing the downs and the ups and the whole part of the program is such a terrific way to start a program that it took me two years to stop drinking alcohol. I didn't come to a decision to stop drinking and I stopped, I wanted to stop and I, and I, and I kept going for two years trying to stop and I was failing in that. I wasn't succeeding in that. And then I eventually stopped. But the day I stopped that, that, that's not the crucial part of my story anymore.

The crucial part of the story is the two years I spent in the struggle, which is, wow, if that struggle didn't happen, if I didn't keep going, you only get struggle when you keep going, you don't get struggle when you quit. And I didn't used to think about this before. But if you're struggling with something, it means you haven't given up yet. It means you're getting to where you want to go because you're struggling. Struggling is I want you to think of struggling from now on as a really crucial sign that you're on the right track because think about it, if you're not struggling, it means you're already excelling in something in your life that you're doing well in it already. And that's great.

But if you've started a program like a fitness program, because you've struggled to become consistent and you've struggled in the past to get fit and you continue that struggle when you start a program, that's a really good sign. It means that you're working and embracing the struggle and you'll therefore be successful. So that's, that's, you won't achieve anything in a 12 week program. If you continue to start programs the way you have been, if, if you're anything like I've just described, which is a lot of you and I'm the same and I meet women all the time over the 14 years and where a lot of us are the same, but there is, we can change and we can achieve so much in 12 weeks which I'm going to go through.

Now, if you change the way you start your program and when you start your program and you notice that you're becoming all or nothing and you're becoming perfectionist and you're becoming, you're starting to self hate that you listen to that thought, you grab that thought and you say no, hang on a second. I'm not going to call myself fat. When I've started a fitness program, I've started a fitness program and I'm really proud of myself or when you do a work out with me, you know, my 30 minute workouts and, and um you're finding it tough. You see, I'm finding it tough. You don't, when you hear yourself say you're so unfit, I won't be able to say no. Hang on a second. I can hear that thought, but that thought is in a fact, I will be able if I keep it slow and steady. So really remind yourself that our thoughts are not facts, our thoughts aren't facts.

You'll get all these thoughts, especially when you put yourself in a new scenario, out of your comfort zone and getting fit and losing weight is getting out of your comfort zone and you're embracing all these new action steps and the brain doesn't like that. So the brain starts to try and pull you back and it's up to you to either listen to that and let it pull you back and start again and keep going and keep going and keep going and never succeed or to break the cycle and decide to think in a new way. And the things that I'm describing to you now have changed my life in the course of the past two years. And I have struggled so bad with my mental health. I have struggled with stress, anxiety, massive self esteem issues, really low confidence, um trust issues, um connection issues so much and, and I can't begin to tell you all of this stuff is changing for me in a positive way because I'm changing how I approach things.

And I'm by listening to my thoughts and changing my thoughts. That's where you're going to be able to change my dear friend, dear listener. So I want you to be really clear about that. What can you achieve in 12 weeks? Well, it depends on how much you can become aware of your thoughts and change how you approach the program. So once we've got that clear, you can then draw a line in the sand of all the ways you've started a program before and you can number one, dump the weighing scales, the weighing scales don't work, especially if you're a woman over 40 you're going to lift weights, which of course you are because that's what's going to get you losing weight, high muscle mass, lean muscle, mass, burning fat at rest, high metabolism, um strong muscles and bones.

So, of course, you're gonna be lifting weights and your lean muscle mass weighs more than fat. There's no way you're going to see an accurate reflection of scale. So number one, you're going to dump the weighing scales. Number two, you're going to make a plan. It is really important that you make a really solid plan in the beginning of your program. Now, these are just the steps to set you up for success in your 12 week program. Number three, you commit to embracing the journey and understand that there's going to be lows and there's going to be highs and it's part of the journey, that whole thing about success not being a straight line. I used to read that and go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now I know the struggle is the journey.

That's the journey. That's where the growth comes from. Number four, you have to commit to enjoying it. Number five, you have to take the pressure off and number six, you have to establish from the beginning what your milestones are going to be that doesn't involve the weighing scales. And once you do that, you dump the scales, you make a plan, you embrace your journey, you enjoy it, you take the pressure off and you establish milestones, you'll be successful, you'll be very, very successful, just like Jackie, who I described earlier on. Um you will be very, very successful, just like so many of my clients that you can read about their stories on my success stories page on my website, Jessica Cook dot IE, just like so many of my clients that have started the right way. And I want to say here, so many of my clients have also started the other way, not having known that they needed to change their approach and they have changed their approach, um which is really, really terrific. Um I'll be opening the doors to my coaching program next week, the end of August.

So if you're listening to this and you're on the fence, you can go to the wait list, just go to Jessica Cook dot ie forward slash coaching and you will be the first to know about it. So what you can achieve in 12 weeks. So, ok, so let's break it down into three parts. So weeks, 1 to 4 is all about knowing what you want, knowing why you want it, having a really good plan and creating habits. Now, what most people do on week 1 to 4 that don't know any better is this is where they start to weigh themselves, but you're not going to I just, you don't want to be thinking about results in weeks, 1 to 4.

You want to be thinking about life changing habit, creation. How cool is that? How much better sounding is that becoming your avatar becoming the person you want to be having action steps that are going to change how you feel and action steps that are going to get you all the fitness and health results. You want a really solid plan one that doesn't overwhelm you a road map, a road map that's going to get you where you want to be in a really nonstress way that's going to fit into your lifestyle. So, if you forget about the weighing scales and you forget about results on week 1 to 4 and you think, ok, well, week 1 to 4 is all about habit building and you take that pressure off from results. You're going to have a terrific week 1 to 4. You're going to be really proud of yourself. You're going to be celebrating every week with me. Your, your weekly wins, your Friday wins. You're going to be starting to sleep better. Feel good. You're going to feel instantly more calm, productive and in control in week 1 to 4, you're going to feel, feel absolutely terrific. You'll be exercising, you'll be doing my 10 minutes of thrive time.

You'll be sleeping much better. You'll have more energy. There'll be no perfectionist or all or nothing or nothing thinking. So you won't be feeling dragged down. You'll be being brought up. That's amazing. That's so cool. So week 1 to 4, it's all about creating habits, finding out what works for you tweaking your plan every week. Maybe you'll start off saying you'll do two workouts a week and you'll tweak it on week two to do three workouts a week, weeks, 1 to 4 is all about finding your ease and flow and you want things to flow. We don't want to be making things hard on ourselves. I've done that too. You know, where you get to burn out where you just make it so that you fit everything in. It's not about that. It's about finding what works for you. Is it the 10 minute workouts three times a week that are initially going to work for you? Is it the 3 30 minute workouts that are going to work for you? What's your pace going to be like in beginners week? What habits are you going to pick? What non-negotiable habits are you going to pick that you have every week?

All the really exciting, lovely stuff that's going to happen for you in weeks, 1 to 4 and you're going to feel really good about yourself and then you get into weeks, 5 to 8 and weeks, 5 to 8 is where you're really gonna notice your improvement in your fitness. You're going to notice a massive reduction in stress and you're going to notice a growing sense of peace and calm, you're going to sleep better, you're going to have more energy, you're gonna feel good. Your mood is going to improve. How cool is that? You're going to notice a sense of peace and calm. How cool is that? Weeks, 5 to 8 weeks, 1 to 4 is all about creating the habit, finding out the habits that suit you and your lifestyle. Then weeks 5 to 8, you start to come into your own, then you've established your habits. You're creating consistency and you're noticing your sleep is better. You've reduced stress. You have a growing sense of peace and calm and most importantly, you're getting fit, things become easier. You're improving in your fitness, your core is getting stronger, your strength is coming back. Your cardio fitness is, is getting better.

You can feel yourself in weeks, 5 to 8, getting fitter, what seem tough or tougher or a little bit difficult in week 1 to 4 now starts to become really manageable. You notice that you can do the plank, you notice that you can do a good squat, you notice that you can lift a weight above your head. You've noticed that you've been able to go from a crunch into a, sit up all these wonderful, wonderful things and then you get to weeks 9 to 12 and that is where you have your peak performance. And in my opinion, that's when, if you have weight to lose, you really start to notice the fact that you're losing weight and I only like for you to think of weight loss in weeks 9 to 12 when you really start to lose weight. Yeah, you'll notice differences like with Jackie who I just, um, chatted to you about there that she noticed, um, what can I say?

She's seen such a change in her body, she's toned up, she can see her waist. Um, after just three weeks, she, she, I had noticed I'd lost so much weight off my shoulders. So that was just after three weeks for her, which is amazing. However, she wasn't looking for it. She just noticed it. You see her, she see the way she said, noticed I had lost. So there's such a difference there weeks, 1 to 8, of course, you're going to get results. However, it's not about that on weeks, 1 to 8, like almost think of that as a side benefit. Um Focus on your actions, focus on how you feel and then 9 to 12, you really, you, you, you, you can't not see your results. It's terrific. However, you're not jumping on a weighing scales, your clothes are looser. That's how you really feel it. You, you, you, you see it, you, you may have a jean size that you want to fit into. Maybe you want to drop a dress size, you'll be dropping that dress size by weeks 9 to 12. However, if you're looking for it in the beginning, I want to be super clear. You'll just start to derail yourself.

So, so if you can get into that lovely flow where weeks 1 to 4 is about really starting the program building your habits. Getting into a really good flow, tweaking, figuring out your favorite action steps, the ones that work best for you and your lifestyle. Then weeks, 5 to 8, you see all these wonderful benefits. Weeks 9 to 12, that's when you really start to notice that your shape is changing and that you're losing weight and you'll just continue to tweak every, every week. We, we have check ins and you'll tweak what you're doing every week to make sure that you are doing what works for you and you get the results you want. So, oh, I really hope you found that helpful. I love chatting to you guys so, so much. And if you know of somebody that you think might find this episode useful, I would love, love, love for you to share it with them. I know there's many podcasts out there that you could be listening to and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you listening to mine. Um And like I mentioned, if you're on the fence about joining my Thrive coaching program, which is open for enrollment, um at the end of this month, I'm sure I'm recording this podcast episode in August.

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