My Top Exercise Recommendations If You Want Results (FYI Brilliant, Happy Results)

First up let me explain what results mean to me and my clients. Feeling good in your clothes, feeling fit, healthy, happy and in control. Having strong muscles and healthy bones. Feeling good, in a healthy routine. Feeling really good when you put your clothes on in the morning. Feeling happy with yourself. Loving your body inside and out. Having good mental health and learned tools that work at your disposal when you don’t feel so good. Having confidence in who you are. Your authentic, honest self, your stripped back self.

That’s what results mean to me and our Inspire Tribe, and these are my top exercise recommendations to get those results.

A mix of cardio, strength training and core work is key to getting to results above. Dynamic, full body exercises that work as many muscles groups as possible at the same time. You don’t need to do high impact to get great results. When you’re not doing high impact you focus more on heavier weights. Combining these three in the form of HIIT training. Building a strong core at the same time as doing cardio and strength.

Working out 30 minutes, 5 days per week is far superior than two/three hour blocks per week. My mind has been blown since lockdown and moving from the gym model to completely online. We moved from 50 minute sessions to 30 minutes and we’ve improved the results we get for our clients. I am forever totally sold on the 30 minutes model now. It’s easier to fit into your day, it doesn’t wreck you out so much, it helps keep you on track. It stops you seizing up and getting too stiff. It keeps your head in the health game every week day.

30 minutes per day gets you better mental and physical results. You’ll have a huge endorphin hit every day, helping you feel so good, calm and in control. It will keep you grounded in a routine. You’ll also get better physical results. Clients have reported better weight loss results on the 30 minutes, 5 days per week model.

Combining cardio, strength and core all in one 30 minute session in the form of HIIT training is in my experience the best type of training you can do for everything a woman wants out of an exercise program.

Never say you can’t do something, there’s always a way. You’re never too old or too unfit to workout. It’s never too late. The harder the climb, the better the reward.

Take that from a previous smoking, heavy drinking, deeply unhappy, self-conscious person turned healthy, happy person.

I hope this helps you. You don’t need to battle on. You can change your health and your life. You CAN stop binge eating. You CAN stop over-drinking. You CAN be fit and healthy and enjoy it.

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Jessica Cooke

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