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Very simple mindset tactics to improve your health and fitness overnight!

When you’re not achieving your goals, it can be really frustrating. Tony Robbins always say that the number one human need in people is to feel progression. When we’re not growing, we’re dying inside.

Can you remember back to a time when you kept gaining and losing the same amount of weight? That each time you tried, you succeeded, only to put it all back on. That behaviour is very circular. You go around and around and around, never achieving your goal you want to.

If you never change how you do things,  you’ll never achieve your goals. Lets break that down and use weight loss as an example. If you’ve never lost weight and kept it off for good, it’s not going to be as simple for you as following an exercise and diet plan. Sticking to the same stuff, not growing and changing how you see things, is going to hold you back.

Losing weight and getting fit are things you need to work at, starting from within. Starting with your mind. You need to change you habits and actions, but you can only change those if you change your philosophy, which is how you view things.

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  1. Heres’ a few simple tips you can implement right away:
  2. Spend time planning your day, every day.
  3. Keep a journal of your goals and update them regularly.
  4. Have a vision board, somewhere you can see every day.
  5. Read a personal development book, all the time. 10 pages a day, is about 10 books a year..
  6. Work on yourself, the whole time.
  7. Don’t take compliments seriously, let them brush off you. Same for negative comments. Treat them both the same and you’ll start to place less weight on what people say or think of you.
  8. Take time out every day to go for a coffee and a read of the paper.
  9. Get to be at 10:30pm latest.
  10. Remember that as long as you have your health, and your family, life is going to be OK.
  11. Work at being positive, most of us struggle with this.
  12. Know that we all have our own battles, and are battling stuff every day. No one has it easy.
  13. Always get up earlier than you have to.
  14. Set aside time in the morning to sit in silence.
  15. Throw out the weighing scales.
  16. Measure yourself by your clothes

Life is a journey and we want to enjoy it right? The way I see it, we can only fully enjoy it if we are in our full health . Working out and eating healthy may seem like a chore, but it impacts in a positive way, every single part of our life. It takes us from feeling OK about things, to feeling good about things. It brings clarity and focus that you don’t get from feeling sluggish, and tired all the time.

If you haven’t been working out in a while, maybe it’s time for you to take action. Maybe it’s the boost you need, and you’ve forgotten just how actually good you can really feel, when you sweat. You feel alive again.

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