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There are very few things more frustrating than working hard at something, and not making progress. Tony Robbins believes that true happiness lies in progression, and when we don’t feel like we are progressing, it can make us deeply unhappy, on a conscious, or unconscious level.

When you feel like you’re working hard to lose weight, or to get fit, or get healthier, but nothings happening for you, it can be tempting to give up. And that’s what happens. That’s when you experience the ‘vicious cycle’ of going around in circles, but not getting anywhere.

The reason we’ve such a high success rate with our clients, is because we focus on the three pillars of success, which is nutrition, fitness, and mindset. Our bodies change as we get older, so in order to get results, or continue to get results, it’s important you know what to tweak and change, for the best results.

Interval Training

The fantastic thing about interval training is that it boosts your metabolism and turns you into a calorie-burning machine. It strips fat, gets your heart and lungs healthy, and gets you cardiovascularly fit, so you feel great, even when you run up the stairs.

It’s also been proven that it’s one of the best ways to increase your serotonin levels, which regulates anxiety, happiness and mood. You feel great after, so capable and ready to take on the world. Your confidence will improve and you’ll just feel so good.

Resistance training

Your muscle mass decreases as you get older. What does that mean for you? It means your metabolism slows down as muscle burns more calories than fat. So to keep your metabolism high, and to get that lovely, lean, toned look ,you’ve got to life weights. Now more than ever.

While you may have gotten away with not lifting weights in your 20’s, even 30’s, once you hit 40, you’ll start to notice a big difference. Resistance training 2-3 times per week, will keep you in great shape and keep your metabolism high.

Find something you love doing.

Finding a community to train with, increases your chances of success so much! Having a place to go to to workout, to get rid of stress, thats not home, or not work, but a place just for you, can be an amazing experience.

Meeting like minded people, with similar goals to you, and having fun with them, while achieving your goals, can be a pretty incredible experience.

Workout to #FEELGOOD.

Working out to punish yourself is a horrible experience. Working out because you saw the scales number increase, is not good. It immediately puts you into the mindset that what you’re doing is going to be unpleasant. You;re way more than just a number.

Bin the scales, stop weighing yourself and focus on working out to feelgood. Once you do that, and develop really good habits, everything will fall into place.

Work Out Consistently.

This sounds simple but have you ever noticed than when you’re going through a bad patch, exercise can be the first thing to go? So if your food goes rubbish, or you start drinking too much, you may think ‘oh what’s the point’?

And thats when you develop the vicious cycle of being on it , or off it, which kills any motivation you may have had and only makes you fee like a failure. When your workout ,consistently, through the good, and the bad, it can become your friend for life.

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