When is it time to take a break from your diet?

The problem with dieting is that you can’t diet forever. Eventually you crack. And it’s this that leads to the yo-yo effect of weight gain and weight loss. Which leads you to feel de-motivated and unhappy.

Gaining and losing weight is a cycle that can leave you feeling like a failure.

I always say it but the best way to control your weight is to workout, because it leaves you feeling so good, and it helps you control your food too.

Anyway, that’s a conversation for another day.

Taking planned breaks from your diet/food plan/cleaning eating is actually a really good thing.

I hate programs that you have to follow a perfect food plan with no breaks. You get to the end of it, you eat all around you, or worse, have no energy and feel down, and all the weight comes back on.

No one has enough willpower to diet, day in day out. So you need to look at another alternative.

My favourite way of life, is one we always encourage our members to follow.

Eat really well  Monday through to Friday, relax more at the weekends. Be happy to get back on track Monday.

I’m not encouraging binge eating, just relaxing and enjoying life, and food, with your family.

I have never met anyone, who works out during the week, and eats well, that can’t relax at weekends Either they’re not doing the right workout, or they are over-eating way to much, or they have a slow metabolism. All can be fixed with the right information.

So if you’re dieting currently, this is what I recommend you do.

Workout 3 times per week. Eat really clean, (healthy), Monday to Friday. Be focused on your goals and work towards them. Keep a journal of how you get on throughout each week. Plan you week ahead, know what you’re going to eat.

Once 6pm Friday comes, RELAX. Indulge a little. Get up on Saturday, eat healthy, once 6pm comes, relax a little.

It’s so so important that you enjoy your life, food, your family, and that you take care of yourself at the same time.

Life is not worth living when you count calories, or obsess about something too much.

Find exercise that you love doing. Find a way to fall in love with fitness, eat healthy most of the time, indulge some of the time, and you’ll find a really great balance.

Committed to your success,

Jessica X








Jessica Cooke

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Jessica Cooke

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