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The real reason you may not be motivated to exercise (and what’ll happen if you consistently workout!)

In my 10 years helping all my clients lose weight, get fit, and get their confidence back, I’ve become obsessed with behaviour patterns, I’ve become obsessed with finding out what’s the difference between someone who can workout consistently, and someone who really struggles with this. What is it that’s holding you back?

I know you may think it’s laziness, but it’s not. It never is! That’s the surface problem, but there’s a deeper, underlying problem that’s the real reason. And while I don’t know you I can’t tell you, reading this, what it is, but if you were to sit and think about this for a minute, you may uncover the real reason.

It may be you feel too stressed, you’re don’t feel like you deserve the time and focus to take care of you, you’ve no self-esteem, you’re afraid of failing,  you’re afraid of being the oldest/un-fittest in the room, you had a bad experience when you were younger, there’s a heap of things…. But they’re all to do with what you’re telling yourself.

Many clients when I first meet them, have spent a lot of their life associating exercise with weight loss. So it makes sense that they’re not very motivated when I first meet them, right?

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I mean, weight loss as a goal can only take you so far, and there’s so many reasons why having weight loss as a goal won’t keep you working out for very long.


It keeps you focused on something that is actually quite negative, which is your body-image, your self-image.

You’re working out, with the primary focus on your body. So that’s what you focus on, it’s what you dwell on, and it’s what you think about. (And what you think about is all you see).

Now imagine associating exercise with what successful people associate it with.

That is, that exercise is THE most transformative thing you can do for your brain.

It has immediate effects on your brain. A single workout increases levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline.

That one single workout will hugely increase your ability to focus and attention, and that focus can last up to hours after one workout.

That long term working out improves and protects your brain, which leaves you less susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases  and normal cognitive decline in ageing. So you’re not going to cure alzheimers and dementia,  but over your life-time, you’re going to create the strongest brain you can, so it takes longer for those diseases to actually have an effect. Giving you the best possible chance at the healthiest possible life.

Working out makes you happier, calmer, less stressed, it makes you feel good, gives you time to think, it’s better than make-up, or a new top, it gives you REAL unshakable confidence, from the inside out, not the outside it. Because it doesn’t work from the outside in!

Hope this helps in some way, Jessica X


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