January: The Perfect Time To Set A Great Foundation For The Year Ahead

We’ve two week to go in January, and you know, it’s just such a lovely month to get back on track with everything again. It’s long and it’s quiet, which is the perfect time to get good healthy habits under your belt, and lay the foundations for a healthy year ahead.

The only way I see to have a successful life is to be healthy. If you’re struggling to lose weight, all it does is take away from your happiness and your health. I remember when I use to be three stone heavier. It occupied so much of my time and my thoughts. Not eating, eating too much, thinking about food, hating on myself. Looking at myself in the mirror and feeling unhappy, annoyed that my stomach was so big.

That all goes when you figure it all out.

I now see that not being healthy is one of the hardest things to keep up, and it only makes you sad, feel bad about yourself, and it only holds you back.

This year, 2020 is THE YEAR you could be fit, healthy and strong… and stay like that for good.

With two weeks to go in January, it’s an ideal time to reflect on what hasn’t worked for you in the past, and what you might do differently this year. Maybe 2020 is the year when you draw a line in the sand, and never have to worry about your health, or your weight again.

Remember there is no ‘right time’, there will ALWAYS be something in your way, and the most important thing someone once said to me that helps me so much is ‘just get on it with’.

What is it that you want in 2020? How do you want to feel? What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? Is it a healthy, happy, strong woman? And how far away are you from that now.

Quitting life long bad habits is not easy, but if you’re willing to put in the work, amazing things lie ahead for you. It’s the most wonderful journey you can go on. If you can embrace the struggles, and accept it won’t be easy, you’ll succeed. Know that to begin with, you’ll come up with every excuse under the sun, but get to know your excuses, and get to know yourself. Don’t take any bulls**t from yourself. You’ll have bad days and good days. Don’t be afraid of the bad days, too many people are! Too many people are afraid to fail, afraid to say that it’s hard and they’re struggling, but that only leads to failure. There’s nothing wrong with having an area of your life you ned to work on. We all do.

If you’re sick and tired of being healthy, do something about it, get on with it and make 2020 the last time you ever need to get fit and healthy.

To your success,

Jessica X

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Jessica Cooke

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