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The ONE thing you must do, to build your confidence back after its taken a knock. (Just focus on this one thing)

Clothes or make up, or anything external isn’t going to give you rock solid, un-shakeable confidence. Shopping, drinking, spending hours on social media, binge-eating, living for the weekends, or hiding away isn’t going to fix it either.

I’ve only relatively recently, built rock solid confidence in myself. I look back at times in my life, and I just wish to God I’d been more confident. A lack of confidence truly leads to all sorts of problems and it only gets worse.

I tried all of the above. Turning to food and drink were my favourite things, oh yes and shopping for clothes that I didn’t even like. Dieting doesn’t work either, nor does turning cynical or getting angry with the world. It all just leads to more pain!

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And if you’re doing the above, I hope you’re ready to welcome more pain, because on top of not fixing the real problem, you’re also going to have a whole new heap of problems on top of that too.

A lack of confidence is definitely a strong motivator for many of my clients to change. They may have hit rock bottom, something has happened or they’ve lost themselves for a little bit. Having kids, or weight gain, or changes in their life, or death, or anything bad really, has left them, a few years down the line, really not having any confidence at all. And it’s this lack of confidence that can really bring you down. You turn to food or wine, and you gain weight, and then, where do you start?

I know where you’ve got to start.

Dump the weighing scales, get rid of any trace of fad diet in your house. Dump the weight watchers or slimming world books, and do one thing for 12 weeks.



Consistently, I mean 3 times per week. Three times per week of tough, effective, results-focused, endorphine-boosting workouts. Forget walking, I mean proper working out. The key ingredient here is consistency. Focus on nothing else. Not how you look, what you weigh, how bad you feel, how over-weight you feel, not the results you want. I mean nothing. I’m serious. If you want to change, if you want to develop un-shakeable confidence.

We all have a right to be confident, and if you’ve been torn down, by people or events, you’ve no choice but to get your confidence back. Life isn’t enjoyable when you’re not confident. Eugh, I would rather put pins in my eyes, than go back to how I felt four years ago. Everything enjoyable isn’t. You’re negative to yourself on every turn. You miss opportunities, you don’t speak up for yourself, you get walked on (even by accident), it’s all bad.

Fix it. Commit now to getting your confidence back. Forget the weight loss for now. Confidence back. For 12 weeks I will workout 3 times per week. I will push myself in my sessions and it’s all I’ll focus on.

You’ll rebuild yourself tougher, smarter and you’ll feel amazing. You’ll feel capable, you’ll feel determined, you’ll have energy. You’ll feel really solid, really mentally strong. I swear to God, try it, it’s unreal.

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