The 10 Habits of Fit Women Over 40

Ok, so 10 habits of fit women over 40. Read below or watch video:

Strength training.

It is so super important that you are building lean muscle in your workouts because lean mass makes your metabolism high and makes you burn lots of calories at rest. Now we lose a lot of lean muscle mass, over the age of 30, so it’s really important that you reverse that, by doing strength training a few times a week.

The second one is to not rely on cardio.

There is far too many women coming to me and telling me they’re not getting result and they’re running on the road. They’re doing the treadmill or cross-trainer only. And they’re not getting any results. And you simply can’t rely on cardio to get the results. You have to do strength training and you have to mix that up with some interval training. Forget those long steady state cardio for good results.

The third thing is to stop obsessing over the number on the weighing scales.

The weighing scales can’t tell whether you have muscle on your body or whether you have fat. So when you’re working out and eating healthy and you’ve got lean muscle mass on your body the weighing scales don’t actually know that you’re fit and healthy and feeling great in your clothes so forget that number on the scales and remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So the slimmer you are, the harder It is to see what you want to see on the weighing scales, so don’t use the weighing scales for tracking your progress, use something else.

Next up is to eat real food.

It’s really important to eat from all food groups. Dieting and omitting different food groups isn’t going to get you anywhere. That might have worked in an unhealthy way in your 20s, but it’s not going to help you once you hit 40 and beyond. And it’s really important that you focus on your health, rather than just Dieting and Omitting stuff out. And the next one is to stop Calorie counting or weighing your food or counting or doing points It can get you down a very obsessive rabbit-hole obsession and you don’t need that because all that’s going to do is make you not want to do it anymore. Remember focus on eating healthy and Omitting the junk the alcohol during the week, but you’re you’re focusing on healthy food, three meal, two snacks.

 The next thing is to stop being so hard on yourself because you’re keep to keep going around in circles if you only focus on all the things that you’re not doing, or what you think you should be doing so try to get your wins and your momentum from focusing all the things that you’re doing right. And you’ll find that you’ll break your plateau, you’ll stop cycling and you’ll actually make progress.

The next thing is to work out and eat healthy because you love yourself not because you hate yourself and eating healthy because you hate yourself because you’re calling yourself fat all that sort of stuff then it’s time to work on the self-love part while you’re working out and eating healthy. Listen to your body, especially as we get older we can get more tired, stress can get to us, life can become more stressful, so listen to your body, rest when you need rest, get to bed at a good time don’t scroll on your phone and take care of yourself.

And the second last thing is that fitness is a lifestyle choice so you should be having fun and a laugh. Don’t be going into your workouts the whole time beating yourself up and hating on yourself and thinking you should do better because life is short and it’s a lifestyle choice. so you want to be happy! And the last thing is to

Embrace the discomfort.

Don’t worry sometimes if you’re sitting on the couch at night and you fancy having a crisps and chocolate and you feel uncomfortable and you’re wondering ‘oh is this just me,why am I craving that’ Don’t worry about all that stuff. And embrace discomfort in your workouts too. Everything that’s tougher to get, the harder the climb, is more rewarding,

So keep up the good work you can do it and I promise you’ll be feeling good if you follow these tips in no time at all.

 To your success,

Jessica Cooke

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