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#FEELGOOD Healthy Soup, quick and easy to make.

I love healthy soup so much, or any type of soup really! I could eat soup all day long, in fact I think I’d pick it as my ‘only meal on earth’ dish. That or a really tasty pizza. 😀

i was chatting to a client today who mentioned that soup really helps her, when she’s really hungry. You know those times when you’ve had your meal, and even your snack, and you’re still not satisfied? You may recently have given up the sugar, and your appetite is bigger than it should be.

You don’t want to walk around starving all night, and you don’t want to be tempted to get back on the biscuits.

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Well in those times, having healthy soup to hand is such a great idea! You can batch cook on Sunday and store the rest to snack on all week. This green soup I made in the video is so low in calories, but so good for you.

You don’t need to feel guilty turning to this soup on days you’re extra hungry, even if you’ve had all your meals!

If you want a healthy dinner recipe, try my honey and orange glazed salmon

I hope you enjoy it, Jessica X

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