Success Stories

Jackie Whitney

"I couldn't believe the difference in just three weeks!"

Jessica popped up on my Instagram and I started to follow her as I liked the classes which included the step and weights, both of which I enjoy. 

I signed up for her 21 Day Challenge and I really enjoyed it.  Her classes are only half an hour and I worked out three times a week. 

I couldn’t believe the difference in just three weeks, I noticed I had lost so much weight off my shoulders, which was due to gradually increasing my weights and I was so much fitter. 

I then signed up for Thrive Coaching and worked out 3/4 times a week, always early morning.  Thrive also includes a ten minute mindfulness with positive affirmations which are really encouraging and a lovely way to start the day. 

I have seen such a change in my body! I have toned up, I can now see my waist and I know I will shift the rest of the belly fat soon. 

I am a breast cancer survivor and I know how important it is to stay fit and healthy, for my family, for me and most importantly for my grandson Charlie.  I am delighted I found Jessica.  

Everyone needs Jessica in their lives!

Stephanie Finnegan

"My mind said 'You can''t do this - you're too unfit and you won't have time'. Wrong!"

I struggled so much with self confidence and self belief which made me question whether I could really do this program and get fit.

I have two kids,  I work full time in a medical device company that is extremely demanding and my husband is a farmer contractor so I struggled to make time for me. I always put me last on the to do list. But I also made this my excuse not to workout and not to make time for me! When I started doing the workouts I had to make a decision to do them at 6am due to work kids and the general day to day busyness of life, I thought oh god I'm so tired i'm so unfit this is so hard and my inner voice was always saying why are you even trying to do this! You can't do this! You're too unfit! and you don't have time for this! But I set my living room up with my workout gear I set my alarm and I kept going until it became a habit and the feeling of achievement out weighted my inner voice. 

I've always struggled with my weight and my fitness I always start something and when the going gets though the motivation dwindles I give up. Which in turn confirmed to my inner voice that I can't do it and I'm a failure. My anxiety and stress levels where just getting worse and worse I was losing who I was as a person and I was tired of it all. My dad had become suddenly sick and I just couldn't process it but it also made my fears real that if I don't change my life style now what would my future hold for me. So to be one year in to this and I've stayed consistent and made these changes in my life i'm so proud of myself and it motivates me even more to keep improving and challenging myself. I've lost over a stone in a slow natural way no crash diets more sustainable life style change. Even when my dad passed I kept up with my workouts and the thrive time got me through the difficult time.

I now workout 3-4 times a week at 6am and feel so much fitter and stronger. I've lost over a stone naturally.

I better understand my feelings.  I've become more calm and recognise when I need a break. 

I'm still working on my inner voice to be more forgiven to myself and more kind to myself. Just taking them baby steps to be put me first. 

I now have a better bed time and morning routine and priorities my sleep. I choose healthier food choices and I've stopped drinking alcohol. I love going out and just be me without alcohol. The biggest positive change has been to finally put me first and work on improving myself.

I need to keep focused on changing my all or nothing mind set and find my inner peace through Thrive Time and listening to Jessica's advice. Keeping progressing in my workouts and not letting food be a comfort to my emotions. Making sure that I am on the top of the to do list if I'm not calm and looked after I can't look after my family or be my best at work. 

Mary T O'Donnell

"It's a miracle that I now LOVE working out!"

I have had a HUGE complex about my weight since I put on a load of puppy fat at about age 11. I always had issues with my confirmation photo, even up to a few months ago. I put myself under pressure to get a confirmation dress to fit me. I was brought to Weight Watchers with my mother and started on the "weight loss rat race" at that young age. I have been attending counselling and with Jessica's Podcasts I - I now have that photo darling me at age 11 on my phone screen saver!

People have said very hurtful things to me - down through the years about my weight, and I absorbed it all and associated my self worth and self love with the number that I weighed on the scales!

As a result of the above I never felt "good enough" and my "self talk" was pure bully talk from myself to myself! I would go "gung ho" into something and would self-berate myself by saying that I was not good enough and I'd fail... then I would just "opt out" incase I'd fail - so I'd just fall away or pull out of something....

I can remember the panic I was in trying g to get a nice wedding dress and all the childhood fears came flooding back.

As a result of Jessica's material, I've completely "flipped" my thinking! Now I am being proactive - first thing every morning I do Thrive Time... 7 days a week. Here I focus in on my affirmation for the day. I write out my action steps and the positive spin off from that has ..... for the first time in my life..... helped me so much to focus on my achievements only and gain confidence in my self .... I now believe I CAN do this!! My self-belief has risen, my confidence has increased and each day I have my clear plan for the day, with my affirmation to bring to mind. It does really inspire me!

I never really liked exercise, it was always a huge chore. I didn't like sports days in school, I didn't like PE in secondary either. I did like walking though. I was on a self-help programme last year and was doing my vision board for the year...this time I was going to Slimming World, but wasn't really getting any major results. (Each week I could be up a pound, down a tenner and definitely downing myself!) I bought magazines and cut out pictures of girls exercising and stuck them into my vision board. I shared it just last week at the check in...and I am delighted to say now that on my days off I LOVE doing what those girls were doing too - I.e. exercising from home!

Thanks to Jessica and her supportive team, I know that I am lovingly scaffolded - as one time there a few weeks ago life was hectic and I hadn't responded to any post or checked in and Jessi sent me a lovely caring mail stating that Jessica wanted her to "check in" with me to see if I was OK. So I now realise I'm not just a figure on the scales with Jessica Cooke.....she really cares!

For me it's a miracle that I'm now loving doing my work outs. From the outset there's no pressure put on us by Jessica. I found it hard in the beginning, as I felt if I didn't do it ALL perfect - well then, it didn't count at all.....but Jessica's teaching has completely healed me of that nonsense!

Jessica sets us up for success! A work out could be 10 mins a day and she has as much respect for that effort as she has for a full work out. That was mind-blowing and soooooooo liberating for me! My inner critic was told to "sush" and I used to actually say to my self when the old "default thinking" as she calls it would try to come back....I'd say.... " says a work out is a work out, so well done you!"

I am now being kind to my mind and loving the work outs! My clothes are fitting me better now too. I still have more to do, but I'm actually enjoying it and tie it in as part of my day. It's really because Jessica is talking from experience. She openly shares her struggles with us and I feel her honesty as a real help to me! Her authenticity to us enables me to keep going.

I'm going to bed earlier.

I'm flooring the water.

I'm in much better form.

I'm happier in myself.

I'm calmer at home towards my children and my hubby.

I'm toning from the exercising.

My body feels fitter and stronger.

I'm drinking less at home now - I have alcohol at home now one evening a week with hubby, rather than 3-4 nights a week! Im now drinking pints of water and pints of mint tea at night time. I just need to have a glass in my hand I think! It may as well be healthy as boozy!

I'm in such a better head space!

I have clarity to my days now, thanks to Jessica's very easy, simple steps to keep me consistent.

I'm able to cope better now and handle the ebb and flow a bit better.

I'm taking Jessica's action steps and intention for the day into school too! I'm using them for journalling with a child at the upper end of the school.

I take any opportunity I can now to get "movement"...e.g. sensory breaks at school are no longer sedentary - I take the children outside now to play ball or run around with them.

I need to keep things simple. I love the PAHMS and it keeps me focused.

W/o x 3 a week. 4 is a bonus. Etc...I love the few non-negotiables and everything else is a bonus.

I need Thrive Time EVERY morning to frame up my day and help myself to stay on my journey.

I need to keep journalling to keep my head and emotions in check. I love writing!

I need to keep shopping wisely and have the right foods in the house.

I need to watch for "Busy-ness" in my life as if I allow myself to get too busy, I get stressed and I comfort eat.

I need to keep listening to Jessica's Podcasts.

I need to keep checking in and being kind to my mind.

I love this holistic approach to living life at 50!

I came across Jessica on Instagram, but my friend Annette joined first and I couldn't have done it without her.

We coach each other here at the foot if the Galtees.

I'm like Fianna Fáil in their 2004 manifesto...."A lot done .... more to do!" But I want to do it under the wing of Jessica Cooke!

Thanks Jessica! Xx

Marguerite F.

"I thought it might have been too late for me - now I feel fitter than I was a decade ago!"

"Before I started the online program, I felt very out of shape, uncoordinated. I also worried that it was “too late for me to get fit”.

I'd attempted online workout programs before, I was never really able to stick to them. I'm also an emotional eater - I have been for years - so I wanted to address this in a sustainable fashion.

One of the main struggles that I have overcome, is “making excuses” for not exercising. I had a tendency to let other things: work, kids, housework, get in the way of consistently doing workouts. Another struggle that I have been working on is pushing through any resistance I have toward getting the workout done. I used to wait to feel 'ready' and motivated before starting a workout. Unfortunately, these “perfect moments” would rarely come!

I realised, with Jessica’s encouragement, that being totally enthusiastic and 'raring to go' before a workout is the exception rather than the rule, and sometimes we just have to push through even if we don’t want to.

First of all, I actually feel so much more fit and happy in my body. I feel like I’m getting stronger, I actually feel my arms are less flabby looking (yes, the bingo wings are getting addressed). I feel like the post workout pain is much lessened. I could never do a press up and now I can do several in a row. In fact I feel more fit now than I was 10 years ago.

The big changes I have made include really trying to commit to three day a week workouts. Acknowledging that I am a comfort eater, and asking myself “what do you really need” rather than diving into the crisps. Another big change I made is trying to work on my mindset and be 'real' with myself.

Accepting that getting in shape, especially in your late 40s, is not a walk in the park and it’s OK to feel unmotivated at times, but the important thing is to accept how you feel and push through. This is positively impacting my life, as I am feeling more fit, better able to concentrate and sleeping better."

Trish Costello

"I never use a weighing scale, as long as I feel fit and healthy that’s all that matters. "

When I saw Jessica’s profile on Facebook, I thought what the heck make the call, “a call I will never forget or regret”. From the start I loved her attitude, her honesty, her purity, says it how it is and honestly someone that just listened and didn’t judge. 

The initial workouts were very emotional for me. I actually got worse. I know now through movement we release. There were times, my inner voice would say you can’t do this, but my heart and mind knew I could. With Jessica’s guidance and such love I got threw it somehow. 

Yes there were days I couldn’t workout because I was grieving so much my body went numb with the pain. But I kid you not that didn’t stop Jessica from pursuing. She would listen, I would say I can’t do this, I remember her once saying “ how about a walk even”, I thought fine better than doing 30 minutes of a workout”

Through my darkest days Jessica has been there. I have never actually met anyone like her. Unique is the word that comes to mind. She is passionate about her work and genuinely cares.

Over time I started doing 3 workouts a week, journaling, eating healthy and following her tips etc. It’s been life changing all I have overcome in the space of a year and a half. I can deal with life’s challenges so much better. I’m a happier person and love the new me from the inside. I have worked really hard to get where I am today big thanks to my husband and my boys and my own mindset.

Working out for me, creates in my opinion, a really joyful experience, healthy mind healthy body. I no longer use a weighing scale, as long as I feel fit and healthy that’s all that matters. 

To date, since joining Jessica’s fitness group, I have completed 2 quests. One was 21km, the other was 25km. I will complete a 3rd in the New Year.

My biggest focus is when Im not feeling good, I have a tendency to say no I'm not going to work out today, but those are the days you must!

Always be honest with yourself, love yourself, and speak the truth no matter what. I held it in for over 40 years. Speak your truth, it will set you free. Heal and live and love your new life. 

All my love 

Trish X

Maria M.

"I have never felt stronger physically!"

"I joined Jessica's group in May 2021. I joined mainly for fitness. I wanted to be able to get out of the chair easily! Getting up off the floor was a challenge initially!! Since joining I have got so much more- mindfulness, journalling, physiotherapy, cooking tips , counselling and of course coming to grips with technology. 

Top all of that with a great bunch of people that you meet initially on the weekly catch up and I got to meet in person at a get together a few weeks ago. It doesn't get any better.

I wish there had of been something like this when I was in my forties.

My husband passed away in Aug 2019, and it's been a difficult few years (still is). Jessica has helped me muddle my way through( me muddling and Jessica always encouraging). What I love about this group is that there is no judging but encouragement. If you have a bad week Jessica listens and advises. I have been in many slimming groups down through the years only to be given out to when you hadn't lost weight and heaven forbid if you put on a POUND or two!!!  That's what my generation lived with. I am now in my sixties with two grown up children. 

I have never felt stronger physically - I am lifting weights that I never thought I was able to do. My son got married in June, and I was so delighted to be able to do a lot of “ pulling and lifting”  of stuff that was needed for the wedding venue. Of course this has a knock on effect on one's mental health for the better. I feel so much better after a workout, and it being part of my routine is so good for me.

My motto I suppose is keep ploughing through.Thank you Jessica and  all the amazing girls I have got to know. Maria"


NOTE: This wonderful client wanted to share her story, yet wanted to remain anonymous

"It has been the best decision I have ever made for myself."

I suffered with constant anxiety, lack of confidence and negative self talk on daily basis. I was progressively getting worse and I couldn't make sense of it.

I knew I wasn't myself and needed support. I had tried every diet and joined the gym on and off over the years. I was overweight, feeling horrible in my clothes, my confidence was low and I was loosing myself. When I saw Jessica's advert I knew it was something that I had to try. It was my last attempt before I had to go and see a doctor.

I found the initial workouts very emotional for some reason. It was like I was fighting with myself. My old self was trying to keep my new self back!!

So strange but that is the only way I can describe it. After a few weeks I realised that I wasn't thinking or worrying as much and working out just became a habit and enjoyable for the most part!!! I couldn't understand why everyone was raving about journaling and felt ridiculous writing out more or less the same thing every day. Jessica encouraged me to keep it going and over time I realised my mindset was changing and I was achieving my goals with ease. I was becoming consistent with my work outs and water and my nutrition was improving.

I was going for walks without a big debate going on in my mind beforehand. I was getting up early and not even thinking about staying in bed for another 5 minutes....

I am doing 3 live work outs with Jessica consistently every week. I am now converted to Journaling and am loving all Jessica's personal development workbooks.

I have achieved my initial goals and find that I am starting to stretch my goals and creating new ones that I never thought I would even contemplate...Like participating in a Quest Adventure Race!!! I feel like my confidence is back, I am believing in myself and I am loving getting dressed up and feeling good in my clothes. I have a pep in my step again!

Getting up early and working out is a game changer for me and sets me up for the day. My anxiety is more or less gone. I might get overwhelmed every now and again but I know that working out is my medicine and I will be fine. I have clear goals and am enjoying the process and following Jessica's plan as best I can. I feel full filled and that I have a purpose now for keeping fit and healthy. I feel like I am a positive influence on my family now and we all go out cycling together and we are not eating as much junk.

Follow Jessica's plan as I know it works not just as a fitness plan but it is a great way to live. Jessica is a powerful coach and is so motivating. Even though we have never met in person I feel her presence like she is always beside me pushing me on. I will continue live workouts, journaling, eating healthily, setting my goals, walking, cycling and drinking gallons and gallons of water. I am 6 months with Jessica and it has been the best decision I have ever made for myself.

Jacinta Dalton

"I am feeling fitter - I am feeling stronger - I have more energy!"

"Working out from home with Jessica has completely changed my outlook to fitness. It is now part of my day and has become a habit, a good habit - before I did not make any time for fitness, now it’s scheduled in my day and if I don’t catch the live session being able to workout at a time that suits me is just perfect.

Not having to pack a bag and travel to the studio makes fitting in home work outs so manageable. There’s huge strength in being part of a “tribe” of busy women, and who best to work out with than other women? all of whom have the same life challenges. For the first time in years, I am feeling fitter - I am feeling stronger - I have more energy and I generally just feel better about myself."

Margaret McCluskey

"My clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling more confident in my own skin"

I am about to start my fourth month with Jessica and I can't believe the difference it has made to my life, both physically and mentally ...AND I'm looking forward to learning and achieving more.

I was really struggling to get motivated and had become so sluggish and lazy. I felt heavy and dull, especially after the last covid lockdown which I found particularly draining.

I was eating irregularly, giving myself sugar treats thinking they would boost my energy, had got into the bad habit of getting up later in the mornings and was drifting through my days, going with the flow!! Absolutely no focus on ME and what I wanted to achieve.

I retired in 2019 after teaching for 35 years. A lot of my peers /friends were mostly of the 'sure why not', 'we deserve it' 'didn't we work long enough' ' we'll be dead long enough' kind.

Not being a huge drinker, I enjoy a glass of wine, and was mostly a Saturday night, occasion drinker. Suddenly it became a Friday, Saturday, Sunday night habit a lot of weeks and most meet ups with friends included a glass or two. This completely compounded my lack of motivation. I had put on about a stone and a half since covid and was hiding it in leggings and comfy 'covid clothes'!

I hated the way my 'real' clothes didn't fit/were very uncomfortable
I wasn't sleeping well and was waking up in the mornings like UGH!
I was keeping up walking, but with no particular routine ...I'll go now after this coffee etc, etc, etc.......and I certainly wasn't breaking into a sweat at that!

I started doing the Parkrun walk/jog approach last November with a like-minded friend to try and get more fit. In January I tried a 10-week course of one-to-one Personal Training that I never actually completed, enough said!

FAST FORWARD 3 MONTHS... I am doing a fitness class 3 times a week online.

I have found it easy to cut back on my treats/wine/junk because I actually find I don't crave them as much.
I am drinking loads of water (which I really struggled with at the start)
I no longer have to stop and walk the parkrun and have improved my times with the help of the strength building classes but more significantly advice and techniques around breathing from Jessica.

I am learning to journal (a huge struggle at the start) and seeing the huge benefits of having focus back in my days.
I have lost weight but have no clue how much ... my clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling more confident in my own skin. I have attended some marvellous and inspiring online workshops, coffee mornings, live chats that have both inspired AND challenged me.

In particular I have benefitted personally and mentally from the Mindfulness course that Jessica hosts with Dr Ceara Belviso and am practising this in my daily life. I have also learned so much interesting and thought-provoking stuff from the workshops with Physiotherapist Anne Flannery and Psychotherapist Trisha McHale. ALL OF THIS IN MY OWN HOME. I would never be able to access so much learning, in such an easy way if it wasn't for this group.

I enjoy being part of a group of like-minded women focused on the same goal AND good fun too, the camaraderie is so great...I think I was missing that since I retired.

As a result, I have signed up to do the Killarney Quest with them in October, without even knowing HOW I was going to complete it! I have learned to KAYAK, which I can't quite believe AND to my great joy my hubby and two friends have tried it too and we all intend to get lots of practise over the next few months. Is this really me????????

I really feel I HAVE FOUND MY TRIBE!!!

I'm determined to keep this up because I feel lighter, more energised and I am really, really enjoying it.
I feel that this is ME looking after MYSELF to ensure that I can keep myself as healthy as possible, for as long as possible so I can be the best version of myself and enjoy life to the fullest.
I'm going to continue learning to value my own timetable/goals and not just fit them in after seeing to others.

It's going to be a challenge with holidays etc coming up and a lot going on . but I'm going into that with a different mindset. I mean I've packed my skipping rope and stretchy band in my suitcase!!!!!!! (we'll see !!!)

No matter how the holidays go I'll be back mid-August raring to go!
Thanks again Jessica and all the Tribe. This holistic, common sense, doable programme is just what I need.

Ann Roddy

"I went hiking with my 21 year old daughter and I beat her to the top!"

"I started with Inspire in November 2020. I had a ‘roundy’ birthday a month earlier and it was a reality check for me. My life prior to the first lockdown meant a lot of rushing around taking care of my family and working a full time job that involved a lot of travel – mostly to Dublin weekly but also regularly to the US. I was stressed at times but honestly did not have time to reflect on this very often.

Lockdown #1 found me working from home, wall to wall zoom meetings and visiting the fridge for entertainment every hour. I was constantly snacking on biscuits and chocolate so naturally the jeans were getting tighter and tighter. I was also feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the doom and gloom of covid, not just for myself but for my kids (teenagers & young adults) who were missing out on so much. I am involved in a walking group in Claregalway which I’ve always enjoyed.

Shortly before lockdown #2, I found myself increasingly at the back of the Saturday walking group and starting to opt for the shorter walks. The wake up call for me was around that birthday I was walking with a woman 20 years older than me and she was far fitter – I knew then that I could not let the downward slide continue. I came home and googled fitness classes and that’s how I found Inspire.

I’m someone who struggled to commit to gyms or other classes regularly – I would attack it like a demon for a month or two but if I’d miss a few sessions I would find it impossible to restart.  Inspire is the only fitness program I’ve ever stuck at long term and that is because its simple to start and it does not take too long out of the day.  Also the regular check ins with Jessica and the support from the group generally keep me accountable.  

When I started, I was having a lot of trouble with my right shoulder – possibly related to overuse of keyboard or my dodgy elbow I broke as a child. I couldn’t do a single push up having zero strength in the upper body. I’m still not brilliant at strength sessions but have come a long way and find the cardio sessions enjoyable.

I’ve not really focused on my weight but taking Jessica’s advice to focus on the clothes fit. I dropped dress size and have a proper waistline again. I like the MyZone belt as it gives a sense of achievement on sessions done and motivation to stick at it – I’ve got Silver status and pushing towards gold.  I can walk for miles now on our Saturday morning group. Over Christmas I went hiking up Knockma with my 21 year old daughter and I beat her to the top.

When I was much younger, I was in the fortunate position that I could eat whatever I liked without gaining weight…. that all changed once I hit 40 ! Inspire plan of clean eating during the week and a few treats at the weekend works well for me and I try to stick with this approach. I do not yearn for sugar or chocolate so much now and find a little goes a long way.  In the past, I was useless at drinking water but now feel it hits me very quickly if I don’t prioritise this habit. I even drink a glass of water before I even put my toes on the mat every morning. The walking I’ve always done but the workouts 3 times a week are great for toning me up and giving me a good endorphin hit. It also makes a big difference to my mood and stress levels.  Finally, I have tried to take on board a lot of the advice around rest and self-care and try to take time to do that, especially at weekends.

I am a bit of a workaholic and tend to take on too much. I’m studying part time also and have plenty going on with family commitments so its always a bit of juggle to balance all the demands on my time. When back in office more over the next few weeks it will be harder to fit in workouts and I need to keep focused on this. I’m also trying to get into the habit of journaling to clear my mind and figure stuff out. It's not a habit yet but I’m working on it."

Escriva Hannon

"I certainly won't look back!"

"The struggles I encountered starting the online fitness course began prior to making contact with Jessica. The usual doubts crept in; will I be up to the challenge, are my comfortable with putting myself out there, will I have the time being a working Mum of two young children, what if the course is too difficult and I can't keep up.  

After my first call will Jessica, a lot of my fears were put to rest and she reassured me that with her support I could do this program. The first week or two were the most challenging, trying to get my head around the technology, apps etc., getting familiar with the paperwork such as the food diary, journalling and remembering to keep a record of my workouts. I knew I had to try and change my mindset and lifestyle over night if I wanted to start seeing results. Once I got myself set up (had the proper workout equipment and became familiar with the technology) I found myself getting into a routine and then really began to enjoy the program.

I have overcome a lot of struggles I once had prior to joining Inspire Fitness. I was never really into the gym and found it difficult after a few weeks to stay consistent with any fitness groups I joined. After covid, I wasn't disciplined when it came to junk food and just ate what I wanted when I wanted. I was focused on my young family and I lost apart of myself in the process. I had no real fitness plan, never weighed myself and before I knew it I had gained a lot of weight. 

This is my 10th week with Inspire Fitness. My life has turned around. I am now really disciplined during the week. Every week I have completed five workouts, I try to fit in walks when I can, I rarely eat after 6pm, I stick to three meals and two snacks a day, I drink at least two litres of water every day and I don't eat junk food during the week. Being disciplined during the week gives me the freedom  to enjoy my two treat nights, guilt free and to relax with my family at the weekend. I always look forward to Monday and getting into a routine again.

Since joining the inspire fitness tribe and with Jessica's guidance, the results to my overall fitness, health and well-being have been amazing. I have lost inches and gone down a dress size, I fit into some of my old clothes again, I'm more energetic and positive and love being part of a group of like-minded people, which helps to keep me motivated and challenged. I look forward to doing the online workouts, the  check-ins and feel amazing (especially on Fridays) having reached my weekly targets.

Going forward, I must aim to keep focused on my long term goals of staying fit and healthy. I need to continue to celebrate my wins, to challenge myself, to be consistent with my workouts and the program, so I can enjoy a more balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. Being a member of the team has been life changing. Having to be accountable to someone has also made all the difference. Jessica has excellent motivational skills and has been a wonderful support to me on this new journey of personal growth. 

I certainly won't look back!  To a bright future! Onwards and upwards!"

Claire O'Connell

"I LOVE being a part of this amazing online community!"

"I am permanently immunosuppressed - because I had a heart transplant in 2016; I take medication to make sure that my immune system does not work properly. If my immune system worked normally, it would reject my heart, and for obvious reasons that would not be good! At the risk of this turning into a pity party, I have also had cancer twice- when I was 18, and 22, and was diagnosed with heart failure in my 30s. I’m 40 now in case you’re wondering!

During all of my physical illnesses, I never once sat around on the couch all day watching crap tv, or eating rubbish. During the middle of 2020 (pandemic), I did very little else! I went from walking in and out to college multiple times a day, to hardly moving at all.

I was disappointed in myself, unmotivated and really not sure how to fix it. By the end of the year, weight and clothes size increasing, and aware that I needed to get healthier and fitter, I decided that I needed to do something- so I took a chance on Jessica.

I LOVE being a part of this amazing online community, the Inspire Tribe. I can safely say that I never thought I would put the words ‘online’ and ‘pleasure’ in the same sentence. Doing the classes at home is really convenient and being able to do them live, is, for me, really
important in terms of accountability. Weekly check-ins with Jessica and other group members along with the different social ‘outings’ have really made me feel like part of a community, despite everything being virtual.

I now exercise daily - workouts, walks or both. I have a plan, with goals and Jessica supplies the tools, support, and encouragement to keep it up. Attending the live classes is the most important thing for me, personally. My fitness levels have improved enormously- I don’t get out of breath as quickly and I’m sleeping better and less tired than I was. Although I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I’m definitely less bloated and some clothes are fitting better. I am also...gradually...being kinder to myself, and that is probably the most difficult thing of all."

Rosie Keane

"I have better mental health and self belief and a more positive mindset each day!"

"Before Inspire I was quite hard on myself for putting on almost 2 stone during the last 2 years and trying to walk it off... or attempt running... or online classes or yoga... too much struggle with no results... so starting with Inspire I began to look at the habits I'd formed: the weighing scales - now gone; late night eating - now almost gone; overeating with no healthy snacks - now that's changed; not drinking enough water - now 2litres a day!

I thought it would be difficult to get up for early morning hasn't.. it has freed up so much of my time and mental energy and I feel good for the day so a walk or swim is an extra in my day now. So far the results are, better mental health and self belief and a more positive mindset each day. I am feeling better about myself because I am taking action and working with Jessica and the Inspire tribe.

Before I just wanted to lose weight - now I prefer to think of it as helping my body become stronger each day by doing the workouts, water and positive mindset."

Rosaleen Carr

"I can handle anything that comes my way!"

"When I first started with Inspire Fitness in January 2020, I was struggling with the fact that my mum had passed away. I had been with her all my life and I felt a huge loss. I had also gained weight which I was feeling low about.

Today, as a result of the online sessions, motivational videos, recipes and coaching calls, I feel a lot stronger both mentally and physically.

In terms of results I have achieved , I feel very happy in my self when I do exercise first thing in the morning. I get up at 6:30am and this session sets me up for the day and I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. Physically , my body is more toned and I don't feel sluggish and bloated. My clothes are fitting better too which is a great result.

My big results are my mental health is much better, I feel lighter and my body has toned up. I have come a very long way and this is down to the routine which I have put in place since joining inspire fitness.

Finally, the way I keep focus is through regular coaching calls with Jessica, the motivational video check ins which are posted on our members group and motivation and from other members. It's always great to tune into the post workout feeling and remember how good it is, this is a great motivator to keep focused."

Louise Durcan

"I feel part of a community and don't feel as isolated any more"

As a stay-at-home parent I was finding it hard to make time for myself.

Now I'm feeling so much fitter. So happy I can do all the exercises I did before I had my daughter. I have so much more energy.

My clothes are fitting better and I'm starting to wear some of the "smaller/tighter/fitted" clothes that have been sitting in the wardrobe for years. Fitting into a pair of jeans that were too tight before is an amazing feeling!

I love that my daughter sees me doing workouts as a normal part of our day - being a positive role model for her is the most important job I'll ever have.
The group accountability sessions and Facebook group have really helped me as I feel part of a community and don't feel as isolated anymore.

I like to have a goal or challenge that I want to achieve every month. In May I did 10km West of Ireland Mini Marathon. In June I'll be climbing Diamond Hill with the Inspire tribe. I'll be climbing Croagh Patrick in June too and challenge myself to try out Stand up Paddle boarding in July."

Nora Queeney

"I'm now full of energy every day!"

"I was staying in bed later and later every day and watching crap tv at night and scrolling on mobile. I've had a lot of change in my life over the last year and a half.. resulting in me comfort eating and indulging more in wine, and gaining over a stone weight. I didn't feel good about myself in my clothes.

Once I got started I just loved the sessions and the feel good factor afterwards.
I find having to be accountable to someone works for me. I am now fully committed so much so that I missed the workouts when we took a break at Easter.

Since joining I have lost 7lbs with little effort and most importantly have kept it off. I would have been an no carb person and am amazed that I can eat the foods I eat and maintain. Eating clean and working out the 5 days a week has kept me focused as I can have my treats at the weekends.

I'm now full of energy every day, going to bed earlier with a book. Workouts, clean eating, journalling and some meditation has now become part of my daily life... and enjoying my wine at the weekend."

Maria McDermott

"I'm no longer content to sit eating in front of the telly!!"

"Exercise was a struggle in the beginning I felt like giving up after the second day, but encouragement from Jessica really helped. I find if I don't know how to do an exercise I can go back and look at it on facebook or on the Member Dashboard.

There is no quick fix, and I am more patient with myself. I have more energy and I feel stronger- I took up golf last year and I feel I have more power. I am now at a stage where I enjoy the exercise because I know it's making a difference to me mentally and physically. It's not just about the weight and clothes its feeling better in yourself and not thinking about what I cant eat!!!I I love the way the weighing scales is banished!!

I'm no longer content to sit eating in front of the telly!!!I That's just wasting the precious time I have- who knows what tomorrow brings? I am drinking more water, and I think my skin looks better. I have started journalling, but I feel I have to spend more time.

Thank you so much Jessica! I love the ethos of Inspire Fitness and the way members are so encouraging. I have been to slimming groups down through the years and got told off if I put on a pound or two.!!
I am feeling a bit smug at the moment as I feel a lot stronger in myself in every way."

Eavan O'Neill

"My mood's changed; my energy levels have improved immensely!"

"Before Inspire, I was overeating just for comfort and distraction ,with no exercise routine. I had a good talking to myself. The weight was going in the wrong direction and I was comfort eating.

I found Inspire Fitness just by chance , set up time with Jessica and all changed from the that day onwards. I made a commitment I was going to be honest and stop fooling myself. Looking back my biggest struggle was not setting a realistic goal that was broken down into manageable pieces. While it sounds easy , Jessica coached me in this area – starting with the 3 Ws – Workout , Walk and Water.

After just the first month with Inspire Fitness, I really felt a difference: I had more energy , fitted better in my clothes and people noticed I was trimmer. The biggest change for me was that I now have my walks / workouts built into my schedule. I feel so good when it comes to Friday and I have completed my 4 workouts.

Above anything else my mental health has improved. Before I started Inspire fitness and got into my routine , I honestly have to say I was not feeling so good and this was compounded by the weight gain. I very quickly found my moods changed, my energy levels improved immensely, and I had a daily goal that was achievable. I got great satisfaction from completing those goals. "

Gemma Murphy

"I mentally feel better knowing I took some time out of a busy day to do something for just me!"

"Before Inspire I struggled finding time for my own self care. As a ex pat Irish family living abroad, we have no family nearby to lean on for any help. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mum while the children are very young. My days were typically dedicated towards taking care of our young family, home and 3 pets. Cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, errands, school runs and Zoom calls. I could only plan time alone for myself when my husband was able to watch the kids on the weekend and that usually meant errands, groceries and cleanup and laundry, definitely no self care there! Where on earth was I going to find time alone for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week? It seemed a daunting challenge.

I even have a basement with exercise equipment but I just never seemed to have time or motivation to use it.

The other big challenge, how was I going to really stick to the program being in another country and a 5 hour difference timezone? Could I manage the live classes, what if I can’t? Would I be accountable for my actions if I was never going to be checked? Lots of questions were going round in my head. Jessica emailed me straight back and reassured me that the program could work for me being as remote as I was, and, she went on to explain that she had lots of past clients returning virtually who had moved away from Galway over the years.

Food and wine are another struggle. I have a bigger appetite as a result of nursing our youngest and I figured I could afford to eat the all the treats, after all, I needed the extra calories. Right? But that is not the case. My main meals were typically healthy, my snacking and the lethal sweet tooth I developed during my second pregnancy were more difficult to address. I had to stop myself eating tidbits/left overs off the kids plates and cut out the "something nice" after dinner with a cup of tea was tough. I love my wine and having a couple glasses here and there midweek to relax after the kids were put to bed was that was another bad habit I had to stop. It was a just a vicious cycle of being tired and drained all the time.

It's become second nature now to get the session done, regardless of how busy and the time of day. I have found though it's so much easier to get a morning session done and cross it off the to do list than to have it hang over you for the day. I have gotten rid of some of the bulky exercise machines that I had gathering dust and dug out my old faithful skipping rope, step and weights.

My fitness levels have come right back. My core has really strengthened and I have finally got some muscle tone in my abdomen, badly needed after 2 Cesarean sections. I have a waist!! My sleeping Is way better now. I notice muscle tone on my upper arms and my clothes finally fit me better again. I was even able to wear a pair of jeans I have had in the wardrobe that I have owned for the last 20 years. My energy levels have improved and the most important thing is that I mentally feel better knowing I took some time out of a busy day to do something for just me. "

Eimear Killian

"Online has been even better, since I can now work out at the times that suit ME!"

"When I returned to work after lockdown, my time vanished!

Workout time got swallowed by work and other voluntary projects I was involved in - I felt the anxiety build up and knew I had to get back my focus to my fitness and start the day off in a good place.
I had to change things around for my own health - especially the mental side. The two things that make me feel good are workouts 1st thing in the morning along with fresh air so I combined both and did the workouts outside 2-3 a week at first and built up to four along with a cycle every week which I find great for the head.
I have maintained my weight since earlier in the year, my fitness from March to now is gone from a 5 to 9!

I've been working out with Jessica for the last 12 years, and it's one of the major constants in my life. I have ups and downs of course but I LOVE how it makes me feel afterwards.

Online has been even better, since I can now work out at the times that suit ME!"

Paula O'Connor

"I continue to lose inches and pounds!"

"For me Lockdown #1 was bearable with fine weather, walks, cycles and sea swims. When I returned to work as a tutor in September my energy levels were very low despite daily walks.

Prior to Halloween there was talk of Lockdown #2 including a return to home schooling and I worried how we would cope with cabin fever on short winter days. Years previous I had trained with Jessica Cooke in Barna and I had continued to read her inspirational emails. Late one night in October 2020, I signed up for her online coaching and training sessions. On our first one to one zoom call I was so impressed by Jessica's energy, enthusiasm and understanding - she really seemed to get me, my challenges and my goals.

Fortunately, schools did not close in Lockdown #2 and I continued to go to work four days a week. I started doing two 7.15am workouts and one 9.15 workout per week.

At first the exercises were almost impossible - I felt like a ninety-year-old. I struggled with skipping, sit-ups, press-ups etc. but I persevered at my own slow pace.

On the third week I started using 1.5kg weights, initially unable to do many repeats. I now have 2.5kg and 5kg weights on order.

The days I worked out I was full of energy, purpose and I raced through to do lists. My perseverance paid off and by Christmas I well able for the workouts, fitter and slimmer than I had been in a many years.

My ‘thin clothes’ fitted so much better as I had lost inches all around and 9 pounds on the scales.

The whole family benefitted from the Inspire Fitness program, as we ate more fish, fruit, vegetables and less sugar, bread and red meat.

January 2021 brought Lockdown #3 with working from home, home-schooling and all sports cancelled. Working from home allowed me the time to complete five workouts a week and I continued daily walks.

The workouts became an imperative start to my day giving me boundless energy. Doing the exercises on consecutive days also sped up my progress - I had struggled with sit-ups and remember cracking them in early January.

Some days the workouts even seemed easy and on Jessica’s advice I started to really enjoy the daily thirty-minute session.

I now realise that the workouts enhance my mood as well as my energy levels so sometimes I do a recorded session on a weekend day. I continue to lose inches and pounds.

As Lockdown #3 continues I will up my ante in the workouts and keep eating healthily. Once the weather warms up I hope to spend some of my new found energy on cycling, running, sea swimming and dingy sailing.

I am so grateful to Jessica for her continued commitment to training women in Inspire Fitness. Also joining weekly coaching calls gives an added dimension of support from the wider Inspire Tribe. I also look forward to yoga, cocktail prep and cooking with this tribe.

Thanks Jessica."

Rosemarie Casserly

"I now love exercise and the way it makes me feel!"

“The first struggle was making the commitment to MYSELF to join this amazing inspirational tribe. (Thank you JD for the encouragement). As with all endeavours it was a bit daunting in the beginning. The second struggle was getting the step, skipping rope and weights in lockdown 2 with no shops open (that’s when I joined the group).

I’d never having done any online fitness classes at home before (bar some video tapes (showing my age now) and DVD’s when I had babies and smallish at home ) I didn’t know if I could make it work for me and now I look forward to the classes was part of my Monday to Friday routine. 

I would say I am definitely feeling fitter, stronger physically and calmer in myself. The structure and endorphins have really helped me cope with all the stress and negativity that this pandemic has landed on our doorsteps.

The biggest change to my life has been a consistent start to my day with the workouts and the individual and group coaching has been wonderful. Jessica is a truly inspirational person and coach and always has a smile on her face and “sure it’s only 30 minutes“ .

I love exercise and the way it makes me feel and always have tbh. So my focus need to be on my food etc which I find difficult with a houseful of men !!! But I’m so glad I found this and I see it being part of my life from now on hopefully.”

Janna Luessing

"I have so much energy, it's unreal!"

“The time leading up to Christmas was quite challenging, being so busy at work. Having no routine was very hard and made me feel very down and without energy or goals. And the junk food and sweets didn't help either.

The uncertainty of what happens during lockdown and having no routine is tough but i made a plan with Jessica The first step was to get my eating habits back under control. 3 meals 2 snacks a day, 2L water. Stopping smoking (Nearly a year now!). Getting up at a specific time. Having a meal plan and only going shopping once a week. And getting back to 4-5 exercise sessions a week in the morning before work makes me feel great and energetic all day at work and that MyZone belt is amazing! I also started to give myself time for myself. I just relax by myself for 30mins in the evening in my room and let my thoughts drift, which helps me wind down after work and reset.

Getting back into the routine really helped me. I have so much energy, it's unreal! The workout first thing in the morning and a walk at lunchtime are great energy boosters. I am just itching to do another workout. I feel more balanced and relaxed and stopped worrying about things I can't control (like the pandemic). And those inches keep dropping slowly but surely which gives me even more motivation!”

Joanna Fitzpatrick

"I couldn't do without it!"

"My name is Joanna Fitzpatrick and I have been with Inspire Fitness for 5 years.

Inspire fitness has changed my eating habits, exercise ability and attitude forever in such a positive way.

Once Covid hit , I did have initial reservations about doing the Online programme but I have to say it has been brilliant and kept me sane, especially during the first lockdown and the home schooling of 4 children!!!

With my second child's confirmation coming up ( which was cancelled 3 times!) this has helped to give me motivation along the way also with Jessica's wonderful coaching and encouragement to get into a suit for the day- which I did today!!

Big changes that have really helped are no carbs after 5, doing 3-5 sessions a week and the encouragement and training online.

I love Inspire Fitness and all the encouragement you get from the wonderful women who train - . I couldn't do without it!"

Gillian Shaw

"I feel so much fitter both physically and mentally."

I joined inspire fitness a year and a half ago. I loved being part of the Inspire Tribe and looked forward to meeting other members at the training sessions.

When Inspire went online I was worried I would find it too isolating working out at home on my own. I decided to stick with it online and I am so glad I did. I feel so much fitter both physically and mentally.

Working out has become a part of my everyday life. I don't feel it's a chore at all.

The support I get from the whole team at Inspire is what keeps me going.

Previously I would have great intentions but the business of life would take over. I have since learned to prioritise my workouts, check ins, chats first, and everything else will fall in place.

I need to remain focused on taking one day at a time and stick to the healthy eating. It can be a challenge at times but if I slip the ladies at Inspire are there to help.

Dr. Ceara Belviso

"I am feeling mentally more resilient, more self-aware and assured and so much less anxious"

When starting the online program were twofold! 1. I had been promoted in work which greatly increased my workload and trying to deal with it all from home in the pandemic while minding two young kids alone at home was extremely challenging and 2. Five years ago I found out I had a mutation in my BRCA2 gene. I’ve been in surgical menopause and all the fun that entails for 4 years and had the second of my risk-reducing mastectomy surgeries in October 2019 so my upper body was very weak. In summary I was weak, found I was gaining stubborn weight and couldn’t shift it and generally was drained and had lost my mojo!

Struggles I’ve overcome: Before I had my kids and the subsequent surgeries I had been really fit and strong. I had worked out with Jessica 11 years ago when I lived in Galway and she was my inspiration to start and maintain a fitness regime. I always had said that I wished she would do an on-line program so Inspire setting up online training at the start of lockdown suited me down to the ground.

Results: my results have mainly been a feeling of strength, both physical and mental. My clothes fit better which is always a plus and one big achievement is the fact that I can now do full pushups. This is big for me as I had never been able to do them before and it’s one move that I had been told I’d probably never do again after my double mastectomy. But most importantly I am feeling mentally more resilient, more self-aware and assured and so much less anxious than I have for the past few years. 

Changes: getting outdoors for walks everyday in spite of the weather and being unapologetic in taking my 45minutes for myself to workout as much as I can. I also have been inspired to reassess my whole life and have started a Mindfulness Teacher Training course and working hard towards financial freedom which I would never have considered possible before. Our family is outdoors more irrespective of the weather and enjoying a more simple calm approach to life.

What do you need to keep focused on? For me it’s external distractions, work can consume every hour of my day if I let it so it’s to focus on what is important and healthy for me and my family. I do love chocolate so need to really focus on cutting out the mid-week snacking and focus on maintaining the three W’s by reminding myself of all the benefits.

Eithne O'Donoghue 

"I now feel happier in my clothes!"

"My life has been a struggle since my beloved husband Joe died 17 years ago at the age of 58.

I have turned this struggle into positive thinking and today my latest hobby is to be part of Inspire fitness tribe.

I had never been to a gym or lifted weights or skipped with a rope for many decades and it was some laugh telling my 4 year old grandchild that the skipping rope was mine.

I just want to prepare my body for the next decade so thank God for finding Jessica

The results I have achieved are many, including feeling good in myself, doing almost all of what is recommended and staying positive and away from the weighing scales.

I now feel happier in my clothes!

I was always busy (10 grandchildren now) but I loved to walk 5k, swim a few months of the year and while away on holidays, watch my diet especially sugar levels, and cut out wine completely.

Vodka and lots of sparkling water is now my tipple.

I need to keep focused on the fact that this exercising suits me and I am able for it. Thank you all for your company at 9.15 three days a week."

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