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Success in nothing more that a few disciplines, practised every day.

My favourite book I ever came across is called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.

I’ve read many books since but this book haunts me. The whole book is based around the simple fact that the things that are easy to do, that will bring us success, are also easy not to do.

Results don’t come quick enough, so what most people do, is stop all the simple daily habits they were doing, because they get frustrated and you give up. The graph below shows the top line, (people who are doing the daily habits), and the bottom line (people who aren’t), look pretty much the same for a long time. Which is why people give up! They don’t see any difference between doing the good stuff, and not ding it, so they quit… IF they had stuck with it, you can see from the graph that success starts to come, and if you don’t do it, you start to fail. I love it. So simple, so practical, so true.

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This graph is what gives me faith when I find things getting tough. If I start to lack belief in the process, I just go ahead and re-read this book.

Life can be tough. You can feel like you’re failing at everything, and succeeding at nothing. Kids, family, health, career, financial. The ball that can get dropped the most is your health. That’s an easy ball to drop. Working out is tough, it can be easy not to do it once, then twice, then you’ve broken the habit and you’ve stopped.

Exercise is the one thing, that can make you #feelgood, and help you keep all the balls juggling in the air. If you view working out,  like your best friend, it will help you to keep the habit. When you stop working out, you stop taking care of yourself.

When you stop taking care of yourself, you’re good for no one. You can get cranky, upset, irritable, tired, low self-esteem, lacking in self-worth, depression, low mood. It’s a big list. When you workout you’re more capable, you set yourself up for challenges better, your taking care of your health, you’re looking after your mental health.

  • Easy to do, also easy not to do.
  • Set reminders on your phone to workout.
  • Schedule your workouts a week in advance
  • Treat them like a best friend
  • Know that exercise is the one thing, you can do for yourself that will help you in so many ways.

Hope this helps,

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