My 5 Principles of Success

My five Principles of success are practices that I choose to live my life by. It is my absolute belief that in order to succeed, you need to practice these five Principles in your everyday life. It is through the daily practice of these five principles, that you start to become consistent and start to show up for yourself at a higher level than before.

There are no easy shortcuts to success but by approaching everything with the right mindset, you will be successful.

It all starts with your Mindset. Here are my 5 Principles of Success.

Jessica X


Never give up. When every fibre of you is saying ‘Quit’, you keep going. You get up and you get on with it. You keep going through the setbacks, the disappointments, the failures. You persevere.


Have courage to work on yourself. Have courage to say what's on your mind and have courage to be yourself. Get to become comfortable with feelings of fear and go and do it in spite of the fear. Feel the fear… and do it anyway.


Do what you do with enthusiasm. What is the point of doing something if you’re negative in your approach?  Let your enthusiasm out. Be passionate and committed to everything you do in a positive and enthusiastic way.


Be  honest, open and straightforward. Say what you mean. Make your actions match your words. Be constructive, be a force for good.


Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself with compassion and empathy. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to others. Speak only words of kindness to others and be part of the world that is kind and compassionate to others.

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