Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Week: Nutrition Preparation Tips and Strategies

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  • Love these tips Jessica, I must say it is so true re the treats in the house! I’m awful for it. Think it’s why I was so much more disciplined when it was just me! but can’t give the kids or hubby back so I guess I need to just install the boundaries! 🙂

  • Thanks Jessica. I am same as you, cannot not have a hint of a treat in the house…. Such a good idea to intentionally go buy it. Great tip too with the frozen fish fillets. If I have veg left over at end of the week I bung it all in the oven and roast it and make a pasta sauce with tin tomatoes and veg stock. Freeze it. You could use corgetti instead of pasta.

  • Thanks Jessica! Tip on the treats and only buying on Friday/Sat is great….I think this could really work for me as it is just too tempting to have in the press!!!

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