Low Impact No REPEATS Full Body Workout (No Equipment)

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Today's Workout Details

This workout is great when you find yourself at a place with no equipment. A perfect travelling workout
Equipment used:
The Theme of today's Thrive time is GRATITUDE. I release my worries and allow gratitude to be my anchor
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • Mon 12/6/23. Fabulous w/o (1st of the week) completed. Love this one. Chime set on my phone to remind me to “feel” into my gratitude later x 8 times. Thanks Jessica youre so wonderful. Xx Happy Monday.Luimneach Abú

  • Really enjoyed my ‘adapted version’ of the this amazing workout (not live). I do believe that over time I will get stronger and more flexible and be able to participate in the live workout. Loved it all. Thanks, Jessica.

  • Oh my good lord, that was , but I feel great. Was tight on time this morning, but I got it in there – so happy.

  • 31/5/23 Hi Cooke!!! Are you trying to tell me that that w/o is Low Impact? I’m flaaaaa’d! But tis LOVELY! W/o no 3 “done and dusted” as you’d say. Next one is scheduled for Sat. Looking fwd to it. Particularly like this one but will vary it for Sat. Happy Wed. Xx

  • Done! Perfect timing for no equipment, I’ve a small man home sick today so it was great to be able to do my workout downstairs and keep an eye on him without lugging equipment. Thanks a mil

  • Loved that TT too Jessica! I LOVE that we’re not just doing gratitude here, journalling n closing yhe book until tomorrow!!! We’re LIVING it!! Oh that is so exciting and its a good challenge for me, as it’ll calm me inside!!! Have a fab day Jx3, and love to A & E and yer doggies sooo blessed to have you in my life. enjoy the sun xx

  • Oh Jesus!!!! That was tough!!!! Loves it though!! One if my FAVOURITES! Thanks Jessica I love the way you’re accommodating us for being away fm home n still getting our wo done! Thank you

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