June 6

Full Body Strength

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Today's Workout Details

Tough workout, however you'll feel great after it.
Equipment used:
The Theme of today's Thrive time is ACCEPT
I fully accept myself as I am.
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • Workout done .Back on track today ..a tough one to start back with but feel good now .loved the thrive time x

  • Workout done, and aiming to get back to my 3 workouts a weekend this week after bit of a messy week last week

  • Completed this morning. 7th June. I must say, seeing the leaderboard last night was my motivator. I went from midway to no-way!!!

  • Done Wednesday morning
    First workout of the week
    Hardest part was showing up!
    Glad it’s done

  • Wed June 7th 3rd workout of the week completed. Tough, prefer the 30 seconds on 10 seconds on, find the 40/50 seconds on a killer. Thanks Jessica.

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