June 9

Full Body STEP Workout

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Today's Workout Details

I hope you enjoy this step workout. It's fun and sweaty, let me know :-)
Equipment used:
The Theme of today's Thrive time is TRUST. I inhale positive energy and exhale my fears.
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • Sat 10/6/23: ANOTHER fab work out fm you Jessica! Thank you xx I love the way you vary it around so much for us! There’s no way boredom will set in for us anyway! love it! Also, I love the way you tell us what’s coming up next, because usually it takes my mind off the one I’m doing and you say it at the time when I could be feeling the pinch, so it focuses me and gets me through the one I’m on. Thanks so much! Enjoy the weekend. Xx

  • workout #3 done Saturday 10/6. Whew that was tough! it’s my 17th wedding anniversary today, now I can enjoy a japanese meal

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