Full Body Step Workout

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Today's Workout Details

I hope you enjoy this one! Tough in parts so please do step ups if you find something that's too tough. Don't struggle through, enjoy it!

Equipment used:
The Theme of today's Thrive time is GRATITUDE. I am grateful for all that I have.
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • 3/3 done friday 19/4..wow that was sweaty and tough, did that when I got home from work! Lot’s of gratitude for this program Jessica! 2 years ago today , I was 20 lbs heavier and could barely do a sit up and couldn’t do high knees on the step!

  • Wow that was very tough, thought I’d die during it, but i feel so amazing and so empowered that I did it and didn’t give up. My poor core really felt those leg excercises

  • i did this workout on saturday, really tough but i needed the cardio. i was happy that i was overall much fitter on the step than i was when we first did this type of exercise months ago.Really enjoyed the thrive time as well.

  • Tues 1st Oct, 1st workout of the week completed, internet gave up in the middle of it but to be honest was finding the step workout very tough so maybe it was a god send . Thanks Jessica.

  • Such a great way to get back into the workouts. It was tough and I had to pause a few times. A few sore muscles from going up and down multiple times on a ladder yesterday were reminding me how good it is to be consistent with working out!

  • very very tough may have not being able to keep up but did the whole thing anyways i know i will feel brilliant after my shower!

  • Workout done earlier this am found it a killer my legs are like jelly ! Delighted I did it ‘ loved thrive time x

  • Done work out. Found it very tough. Thrive time, Im grateful for all that i have, need to remind myself of that everyday. Thk u.

  • Workout 1 done this morning (kind of!!). I don’t have my step yet so was making do and even still it was HARD so I’d say I might have been lucky to have completed half of it properly. But reminding myself of the last podcast… turning up is key!

  • Omg super tough but enjoyed the challenge of the new exercises. There is literally a river of sweat

  • Did it again today! Felt so good yesterday after it! Substituted some of the arm work, and managed to do 3 situps!! Woo hoo!!! Roasting though

  • Did this live yesterday … yes it was tough … I see windmills in my future … just not right now. Good to be tough & Easy to adapt as required.

  • Workout no 2 done. Huge issues with broadband here today. Took me half the morning to get it done! I was glad of the break at times! Stopped after 24 mins and had the TT done since earlier. Happy Wed! Xx

  • Oh my God, my knees and thighs do not know what happened, was a bit upsy daisy with some of the upper body ones, but, i will figure it out! Done and Done Workout 2 completed.

  • Done Wednesday morning
    It took every ounce of my willpower to get out of bed to do this workout this morning! Glad it’s done. Loved the arms part
    Thanks Jessica

  • Tuesday workout done, I’m thrilled! Did weights instead of the last few step exercises (helicopter etc.) as hands kept slipping off step!! Really enjoyed workout Jessica, love the no repeats 🙂

  • That was great but a killer! I was sweating buckets!! Felt great after but the wrists were letting me down! Thanks Jessica!

  • Just done, so sweaty, arm work was a killer. Couldn’t do the second round as shoulder and wrist acting up, did step ups instead.

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