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Today's Workout Details

I hope you enjoy this one. A good all rounder.
Equipment used:
- Mini Band
- Long Looped Band
The Theme of today's Thrive time is POWER. I take my power back.
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • Workout 2 for this week done! My schedule is a bit off this week with work but I’m getting it done which is a first for me in a long while.

  • Sun Oct 1st, 3rd Workout of the week completed. Tough, haven’t sweated as much in an workout ever I think, however enjoyed the bands, haven’t done a workout with them in awhile. Thanks Jessica

  • Really enjoyed the bands, haven’t really used them much before and enjoy learning new ways to exercise, thanks Jessica

  • workout done! that was tough and I had a crap nights sleep but forced myself to do this and so glad i did, feel much more energized now

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