Beginner Workout Day 1

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Today's Workout Details

Welcome to Day 1 of Beginners Week, 15 Minute Full Body Strength Workout.
Equipment used:
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  • Well it’s great to be back, I think I have started to stir some very dormant muscles! Thanks Jessica… Slow and steady! ( my new motto )

  • I thought I knew all the exercises from before, but now realise this refresher was critical!!! Also realise, while I can run 5km, I have so little.body strength…alot of work to do!!

  • Found using the step the better of the exercises.. adapted all the exercises to suit my complete non-fitness! Didn’t use the weights for all the exercises. Not able to do the get up off the floor unaided. Used the arm of the armchair for the squats. A long way to go…but have made a start!

  • Done it! I was surprised I struggled with the sit/stand up exercise. A simple exercise that you should not underestimate. Overall, get introduction to exercise.

  • Workout 1 done. I found some of the burpee & worm exercises difficult as I have a slight hamstring injury so I’ll go with it and just use the step if necessary. Thanks Jessica

  • Thanks for this workout and the tips. I am remembering the form on some of these exercises and some are new to me. Am looking forward to the next one.

  • I was shocked at how unfit I was!
    I started with 1kg weights as I found the 2kg tough and I have scoliosis so I would prefer to take it slow and easy with my back..

  • Only getting started with beginners week
    I was working 3 12 hr shifts so getting going now. I enjoyed that workout thanks Jessica
    I need to get the workbook printed and get a steper.
    Looking forward to getting fit.

  • Very tough to begin exercising after a long time of being inactive really.
    Delighted to have started the programme and looking forward to the support I need to keep going.

  • Too wet to go for my walk this morning so I chose to do this workout. I wanted to learn again the press up and lunge technique….sweaty start to the weekend and it feels great

  • Done and dusted. Did 30min fast walk first and then the workout. Wow it was great. Tough in spots as so unfit at the moment. Can’t wait to get stuck in. I have reformer pilates tomorrow but I will do tm workout as well

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