BAND WORKOUT – Full Body, No Repeats

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Today's Workout Details

Today’s Workout: BAND WORKOUT - Full Body, No Repeats,
Equipment used:
- Mini Band
- Looped Band
The Theme of today's Thrive time is Success
I release the storylines holding me back. I can do anything.
Comment below when you have completed the workout and earn 3 POINTS.

  • Wo 1 done 31/07 after all the crappie I ate I really need this and back doesn’t feel to bad thank god.

  • 26/7/23 completed w/o earlier this morning. Logging now. Had it saved cause its my FAVE!!!! Really like it! Thanks a mill! Xx

  • Tues 25th July 1st workout of the week completed. So tempted not to do it and stay in bed for another while but thrilled I did it, really enjoyed it. Thanks Jessica.

  • Done Friday 14th July… 30 degrees here, done inside with aircon or I would have melted totally! Thanks x

  • 13/7/23 w/o no 2 of the week completed. Fabulous! My tummy muscles knew all about it when I was working on core! Love the way you talk thru the exercises Jessica, it takes my mind off what I’m doing, and I could be feeling an oul pinch! Also I LOVE when you say “strength workout done, cardio gains, taken care of all my muscles in my body today” etc….. There’s such a sense of achievement out of it! VERY EMPOWERING! Also when you say “this exercise gives us nice lean muscle on our arms” etc I LOVE that! ..VERY MOTIVATIONAL xx Thank you. Xx

  • 12/7/23 w/o no 1 done Jessica HOW are you working out in the heat? You’re a great girl! LOVED that w/o! Will definitely save! Thank you so much. LOVE the TT too! Xxx

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