20 MIN Tabata Style: Strength, Cardio & Core

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Today's Workout Details

Today’s Workout: 20 MIN Tabata Style: Strength, Cardio & CoreEquipment used:
- Weights
- Step
- Mini Band
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  • !st proper cardio since i had URCI, I oculd feel it in my chest, but I did it at my own pace and buy did I sweat anyway Loved it feel great thanks Jessica πŸ™‚

  • Workout and thrive time done, I liked the option of continuing into thrive time after the workout and the stretch’s in between!

  • Done this evening Jessica. Feel good after that. Took it easy and substituted in kettle bell swings, squat pulses etc. Thanks for the encouragement today!

  • LOVE tabata WO’s.. no time for doubts or negative thoughts to creep in or excuses to be made… Sweaty Betty here!

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