20 MIN Full Body Weights

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Today's Workout Details

Today’s Workout: 20 MIN Full Body Weights
Equipment used:
- Weights
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  • Done 3rd Jan. I found this great to regroup on the upper body exercises. I felt the 35 seconds pushing myself and the 15 seconds great for water and moving between the exercises. Thanks Jessica x

  • Morning Jessica workout 1 done. Ivebeen a bit of track the last week and a half but I’m back in action. I started with this one to ease back in

  • Really enjoyed it, didn’t want to do a work out this morning but knew I had to stop the negative talk and do it, so went with this one, so glad I done it and feel the better for it, thank u Jessica.

  • 13/12/23. W/o no 2 of the week completed. Thank you Jessica. Felt tired for the plan A (6:45am), so went along with my plan B (after boys are dropped to school). Worked a treat! Felt tired, contrary and anxious going into it, but could hear your voice in my head saying that no matter now crappy we feel – do it anyway! By God it worked! Thanks so much. Loving your material and tips always! Having the plan and following it is soooo rewarding to my soul and my inner talk. Thanks again. Xx

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