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How To Get Fit & Break Free from the  Unhealthy Habits Holding you Back 

3 Steps to Your Success

During the LIVE Training, I'll show you the exact tools & strategies I've used with my top clients since 2008

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Step #1

How to break free from your unhealthy habits using an unexpected game-changing technique


Step #2

The little known feedback loop that keeps you succeeding, even when you’re not in the mood


Step #3

The Shortcut that lets you become Superwoman... even if you’ve no time in the day

Your Masterclass host

Jessica Cooke


I've been where you are...

For many years I really struggled to break free from my unhealthy habits that were holding me back.

I had many unhealthy habits that kept me trapped in a cycle of feeling sluggish, stressed out, tired and feeling bad about myself.

I was anxious, stressed out and found it really difficult to get consistent with any healthy habit for any length of time.

Can you relate to that too? Are you tired of feeling unfit and unhealthy?

After many years of calorie counting, dieting, weighing myself and pounding the payments, I realised I was looking for a solution in all the wrong places…

I’m now free, free from my unhealthy habits that were holding me back and making me feel so bad. I dropped three stone, became fit and healthy, and finally got to dump diet culture!

I’ve now served over 6,779 women over 14 years in my Thrive Coaching Program.

My Thrive Coaching Program lays out the exact framework, step-by-step that will take you from feeling unhealthy, stressed out and overwhelmed to feeling confident, calm and in control, without a diet in sight.

You’ll be fit, healthy, energetic and have set yourself free.