April 24

#FEELGOOD Focus #10 Lose Weight & Start Fitting Into Your Clothes Again. One Thing You Need To Do To Beat Weight Gain

Losing weight by dieting is an extremely difficult process that doesn’t work long term. To lose weight by dieting alone means you need to restrict your food intake by a lot, to start the process of losing one pound a week. One pound a week is 3,500 extra calories you need to burn in a week to create a deficit, and if you’re not doing that, you’re not losing weight, or losing it slower than one pound a week.

There’s a couple of problems with this. If you’re losing it slower than one pound a week, you’re not seeing results fast enough, which means the chances of you sticking with it are extremely slim. Secondly, if you slip up during the week, that’s your deficit gone.

This is why a LOT of people yo-yo. They gain and lose and gain and lose because it’s all about the food.

The easiest and most simple way to lose weight is through good nutrition and exercise.

Exercise does a few things for you (aside from all the amazing stuff like better sleep, better mental health etc)

Exercise raises your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories at rest throughout the day. The second point here is really important as too many people focus on calories burned in a workout, but that’s not really important. Yes it’s great to burn 400+ calories in a session, but better than that is the calories you burn all throughout the day because of your lean muscle.

And you get lean muscle from doing resistance training.

Having lean muscle on your body makes you burn double the amount of calories per day than someone who doesn’t work out.

Isn’t that terrific?

And that is how you can easily create a calorie deficit while eating the right foods and not starving yourself.

I hope this helps, please comment below with any questions.

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Jessica Cooke

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