Today's Episode


We often think of weight gain as the primary negative impact of overeating and comfort drinking. 

However, have you stopped to consider how much these habits are really holding you back?

When I was unhealthy, all I could think about was weight loss and feeling good in my clothes. This focus held me back significantly.

 It prevented me from seeing the bigger picture and from noticing all the other negative consequences that overeating and alcohol were having on my life.

In today’s episode, I encourage you to reflect on these negatives, which may be helpful if you haven’t given it much thought recently. We can get so busy in our lives that it can be difficult to make the time to think these things through. 

That’s what I want this episode to be for you—a little timeout from day-to-day life to give you a chance to reflect on your relationship with food and alcohol.

I share with you tips that have really helped me go from overeating and overdrinking to being healthy and free. I hope you enjoy it.

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