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How to stay motivated when you’re not feeling motivated.

The annoying thing about motivation, is that it comes in waves. You can’t consistently feel motivated the whole time about anything. Its impossible, there’s going to be dips when events happen out of your control, or when your mental health doesn’t feel great. You may go through a period when you’re stressed, tired, anxious or just feeling really low. The Irish weather may affect you.

A lot of people genuinely believe that they’re not naturally motivated to exercise and others are. I never, ever bound out of bed, excitedly throwing on my runners. Like I have never done that. It’s the opposite for me. Sometimes it just never feels like the right time to workout.

I‘ve never met anyone who just loves to workout all of the time.

There’s going to be dips. BUT. Who are you choosing to be? The yo-yo? The inconsistent exerciser who relies on their MOOD to  get to their workout? Do you want to be constantly stopping and starting? Just when you were getting somewhere, you quit because you’re not motivated? Arghhhh. It kills me when I see people do this.

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To be consistent with exercise, you’ve got to get rid of the need to feel motivated, and you’ve got to make it a part of your life. A habit. The same way you dress well, or watch what you eat. You’ve got to place the same value on exercise as you do on other stuff.

You’ve got to commit to exercise the same way you would getting sleep, or drinking water. It’s just got to be something you do, regardless of how you feel. Feelings don’t come into it. I drag myself, mentally, into a workout. But who cares? It’s just got to get done. You’ve just got to get it done. So you can dread it all day, or forget about it, and then just get your gear on, and do it.

Stop placing such high regard on how you feel about exercise. It doesn’t matter, you’ve just got to do it.

So next time, when you’re telling yourself you’re not motivated to go workout, say to yourself ‘Who cares!’ … and go and put your runners on.

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