How to get your confidence back in one simple easy step. (It’s never too late, you can start this NOW)

There are so many things that knocks a womans confidence. Having kids, gaining weight, going through the menopause, ageing, divorce, kids leaving the house. It's hard to go through life without something knocking you and making you feel bad about yourself.

And it's not nice to feel bad about yourself. It effects everything. Your relationships, how you perceive yourself, how you feel others think of you, and it has a knock on effect with everything.

So you've got to make sure you fix that, so you can be happy in your life and take up the rightful space on this earth you deserve. And to help you have fun, and make sure your voice is heard.

So how do you get your confidence back, without buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes or hiding behind tons of make up?

You workout.

Specifically, you do interval training and resistance training.

Working out gives you instant #feelgood, confidence boosting results. Unlike weight loss, which takes time, working out to improve your confidence starts straight away. Many of my clients starting out come to me scared of not being able for it, and their confidence is on the floor. 100% of the time, after their first session, they soar out the door. They keep that up, they improve their confidence and they change their life.

You have to start from within. Nothing from the outside will make you feel good on the inside.

Working out fixes you from the inside out. Interval training, more than other type of exercise floods your system with feel good endorphines after just twenty minutes. Combined with resistance training, which is also a massive mood booster, you will boost your metabolism and get fit, in the most effective, results-orientated way. It is the best type of training for women, and something I have been passionate about since I opened my training studio for women 10 years ago.

I hope this helps,

Jessica X

About the author 

Jessica Cooke

I love drinking coffee, and my favourite thing in life (apart from my family) is to help women to get fit, healthy and learn how to love themselves again. (oh, and also I love playing with my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy)

I’ve coached more than 6,140 women over 14 years get fit, healthy and learn how to love themselves again.

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