How To Get Motivated To Exercise

If you wait to feel motivated to do something, it can really hinder the type of life you’re after or the results you want. Many women I meet at the consultation phase before they start with us, often tell me that a lack of motivation in the past has held them back from getting where they want to be, and have blamed this as the reason they are where they’re at with their fitness and health.

Clients that have had breakthroughs know that it is not motivation that keeps them consistently working out every day. They know that if they waited to be motivated to workout every day, they probably wouldn’t work out very much, and I’m the exact same.

Motivation is completely over-rated, which I think is really good news, because if you’re someone who feels that they’re lacking in it, well feel great knowing that most of us feel the same!

So now you know you can ditch looking for motivation and instead focus on a plan, and taking action.

How to get motivated to exercise:

Ditch the need to ‘feel’ something before you workout and instead focus on a plan, and action:

Write out a plan based on your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Or get fit? Or workout for your mental health? Or all three? Write it down.

Decide how many times you’re going to workout. It’s got to be at least three times per week for any of the above goals to be achieved.

Decide what type of workout you’re going to do. For me this is a no-brainer. We do a mix of resistance training, interval training, core work and functional training. If you were to ask me, no other type of exercise exists that’s as good. I’m a complete convert. You get amazing results, you feel amazing, you get fit, healthy and strong in the most safe way. You raise your metabolism, your clothes fit great…. I would never do any other type. I don’t like lifting heavy, I don’t like Crossfit, I hate machines and I hate Milon circles…. so perfection! 🙂

Write down what day and what time you’re going to workout.

COMMIT to showing up for 4 weeks straight. If you miss one because you really couldn’t make it, make sure you make it up in that same week.

COMMIT to showing up regardless of your mood. Your mood doesn’t matter! You’re going to deny your health because you weren’t in the perfect mood???? Bananas! You grow when things are challenging, not when they’re easy.

Take action every day, every week. Reflect on a Friday how you did, write a plan for the week ahead and go for it.

Try not to have any more than three actions steps in a week and slowly you can add more when you’re into the swing of things.

Please know that WE ALL have bad weeks. It’s not a sign that you’re bad, or that you don’t suit exercise, it literally just means you’ve had a bad week. So move on fast, and don’t dwell and don’t read into it!

I hope you found this article helpful, you can download lots of free tools  like recipe books and our 7 Day Workout plan, in the free tools section of our website by clicking here

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