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How to get into terrific shape for your daughters wedding (simple tips that will save you time, and will have you feeling amazing on the day!!!

I’ve worked with lots of mothers of the bride in the 10 years I’ve been in business and I love it! I love the transformation of confidence that you see, and them feeling really good about themselves. Because that’s the most important thing, right? That you feel really good on the big day. You know a lot of eyes will be on you, people you may not have seen in a long time, and you want to look and feel good.

For some ladies, this is a massive big step. It can be a bit of a shock when you haven’t been taking care of your health or fitness, to all of a sudden find yourself in the run up to such a big event as this.

One of my clients, who I’ll call Lisa, was 3 stone over weight when she started with me. Her daughters wedding was in 6 months, but she was stressed out.

She told me she felt her willpower was so bad, and she was so lazy. I was like ‘Why do you think that?’ She said it was because she couldn’t seem to stick to her diet plan, and she hated working out. OK Lisa, lets flip that around. Have you ever thought that it may not be that your lazy with no willpower?

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Have you ever thought that the exercise you’re trying to do, may not be for you, and the diet plan you’re trying to follow is unrealistic?

When you don’t have someone to guide you, it can be really easy to think things are the way they are, for reasons that they’re not. Lisa did lose the 3 stone BTW and she didn’t starve, diet or stick to the gym that she hated. Here’s what she did:

She did interval training and resistance training 3 times per week. 

Why? Your metabolism slows down every decade, muscle mass decreases. If you do not do this type of training, you will start to find it harder to lose weight. Your muscles will have no ‘tone’, and you’ll develop middle age spread. You’ve got to do interval training and resistance training.

She ate 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

Why? Snack so you don’t feel like eating the fridge at night. Snack to help you eat smaller meals. Eat 3 meals, at roughly the same time every day. Get into a great routine. Keep it simple. Don’t even think about going low on the calories unless you want to be more heavy after the wedding than you were before you started.

She drank daily 2 litres of water.

She rested and relaxed at weekends.

Why? Because otherwise she’d go cracked! You can’t expect to give up pizza/treats/wine indefinitely! None of us know when it’s going to be our time to go, you can’t and shouldn’t turn down weekend invites.

You’ve got to be motivated to hit the ground running on Monday, not just get sick and tired of the whole thing! Take time out, indulge a little, and enjoy your weekends.

Lisa kept the weight off, now works out to #FEELGOOD and is in a great place. I’ve met many more Lisa’s since, and if you’re Lisa now, wanting to lose weight for your daughters wedding, do not get tempted by the fads. They will break your heart.

Hope this helps,

Jessica X

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