How to develop a really good morning routine that will really set you up for the day... (This is my exact routine) | Jessica Cooke Personal Trainer Galway

How to develop a really good morning routine that will really set you up for the day… (This is my exact routine)

In the 10 years I’ve been helping women feel great again, I’ve really noticed similar patterns of behaviour. Why is it some people struggle so much to achieve the goals they want, and why do others find it easier?

Trying to follow food plan after food plan is not going to fix the problem. Neither is working out, if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Sure, following food plans and working out is a part of losing weight and feeling good, but not the biggest part.

The biggest part is working on yourself. Learning how to cope with stress. Learning new belief systems, changing old behaviour patterns, that aren’t working for you or serving you.

So I want to start with your morning,  as it’s in the morning all the ground work is done for a successful day. Get your morning right, and you’ve just increased your chances of success tenfold. You have got this, and you’re going to get to a point where you lose weight, get fit and feel great, for good!

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The morning times really set the tone for the day. Even making your bed is important, as it’s the first task of the day you’ve just completed. A messy bed just symbolises you not being organised or in control. From now on, no more hitting the snooze button, no more getting up when you absolutely have to, and no more rushing into the shower, stressed and depressed. This all stops now.

You’re going to take control of your life, take control of your weeks and days, and that starts with the morning.

By being in control of your mornings, by ACTing instead of RE-acting to your day, will set off a chain of events, that will start to see you become successful in other areas of your life too.

Get up a half hour before you half too. Your snooze button from now on just does not exist.

Go downstairs before everyone gets up and fill out your priming workbook, that I’m going to attach to the bottom of this email. It takes 10 minutes.

Have a cup of hot water while you do that, lemon optional, I prefer just hot water from kettle.

Plan your day meticulously. Get our your diary/journal and write down your exact movements. Add in time for 10 minutes of fresh air, a workout if its workout day, and anything else, like reading for 10 minutes before bedtime.

Plan what you’re going to eat. Leave nothing to chance. (Leaving it to chance, you’re allowing yourself to go off track). Plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

If you have kids, this is when you wake them up and start your usual day. Breakfast, shower etc… You’re good to go!

If you don’t have kids,  this is when you start making your breakfast and going about your usual day.

It’s hard to do it, but NO PHONE until you get into work! Agh, yes I find this so hard, I really do, but I’m so much more relaxed when I do this!!!

This is Monday to Friday, you can relax all that at weekends.

Here’s the Priming PDF

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