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How to cope with anxiety, and maybe even start getting rid of it

Anxiety is a complete nightmare. Millions face it, I think it’s about 1 in 6 in Ireland, and we still really don’t talk about it that much. It holds you back so much. It’s like having a friend follow you around all day, telling you how bad you are at everything. Every small interaction you have or thing you do, your friend is telling you how you should have done it this way, or that way.

Now if this actually happened, hopefully you’d tell your friend where to go, but with anxiety, it’s you! And it’s harder to shake it off.

A couple of basic things to note if you’re going through an anxious time. Get off alcohol and food that’s bad for you. Bad food can leave you feeling anxious just as much as alcohol. It’s not about the weight gain, but biscuits, crips, chocolate etc can be really bad for your mental health.

Make sure you’re exercising. If you’ve anxiety and you’re not working out, you’re not helping your situation at all. You’ve got to sweat, a lot! Interval training with resistance training is best! Great for your mood, and has the highest release of dopamine, feel good hormones. Good exercise literally beats the stress and anxiety out of your body.

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So the basics, eating well, exercising, and getting good sleep. When you’re ticking those boxes for a few weeks and you’re consistent, then lets move on and see what the next steps are.

Commit to doing things badly!

LOL, no really! I listened to a fab TED talk that spoke about how a lot of people with anxiety are so afraid of doing something wrong, that they don’t do it all.

So if you commit to doing it, and get your first time under your belt, regardless of whether you think its good or bad, it’ll move you along. I thought that was ingenius and it helps me out so much when I’m trying to create content, or put myself out there. What’s the worst that can happen? Your nay-sayers will ‘nay say’ you more? Sure they’ll always be there, regardless of how bad or good you are.

Journal every day or do something I love called priming

Set yourself up for success by spending 10 minutes every day writing 3 things your grateful for, 3 outcomes you’re focused on, and what you need to work on, in relation to yourself. It forces you into a state of ‘bigger picture’, and takes you out of the daily grind of your life, it’s fantastic. Keep a journal in your handbag and pull it out when you make 10 minutes for yourself. If you can’t find 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.

Forgive yourself

So you didn’t do something exactly the way you planned it. So what. You’re human. Instead of re-playing it over and over in your head, learn to forgive yourself quickly and move on.

Prioritise yourself first.

Put yourself first. You should have some non-negotiables in your life that you never cancel, no matter what else is happening, unless it’s an emergency. For me, it’s my workouts, and my time off with the kids. Whenever I say yes to something that encroaches on these two things, I feel anxious, and unhappy. Have your non-negotiables, put them in your diary, these things are immovable. They’ll keep you happy and certain, when everything around you may feel so uncertain.

I hope this helps,

Jessica X

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