How to burn calories in the most effective way! (It's also fun and you'll feel amazing too) | Jessica Cooke Personal Trainer Galway

How to burn calories in the most effective way! (It’s also fun and you’ll feel amazing too)

Burn calories in the most effective way while still loving it.

Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore. Sometimes it will, because you’re tired, or you’ve had a rotten day, or you’re not in the mood. That happens to every single one of us on the planet. You’re just in rotten form and you don’t want to work out. That’s OK. That’s normal. But what isn’t right is if you’re dragging yourself to your workout and you can’t stand one tiny second of it.

That’s not going to last. And you know what? You won’t end up blaming the gym/class, you’ll end up blaming yourself. Calling yourself lazy, or that you can never stick to things, or you’re just not a working out type person. So many women I meet, initially say that to meet about themselves. Why do we always first think it’s us to blame?

”It’s the machines!!!’,  I want to shout, ”it’s not you. They were driving you nuts!  The cross trainer, the treadmill, the weights machines, of course you’re going to hate your workout”!

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Since when were humans designed for workout machines???

We are creative, intelligent, emotional beings. To put yourself on a machine and call that a workout, is a form of torture, no wonder you hate that!

We don’t have one machine at Inspire Fitness. We wouldn’t subject our clients to that. They’re all busy, smart women. The last thing they want is to be plonked on or at a machine. So if this is you, if you’re equating exercise with machines, AND you can never stick with it, know that it’s not you, it’s them 🙂

Here’s the best type of training to burn calories in the most effective way. You’ll burn loads of calories, blast fat, build lovely lean muscle, feel amazing in your clothes, and more importantly, feel really good.

Interval training

Did you know that this type of training blasts fat the best, you’ll burn calories, and it leaves you in a calorie burning state for hours after?

It’s the highest release of endorphins, which means that after an interval training session, you’re going to feel amazing. You’ll burn calories, in the most effective way.

It can be done at any age, with any fitness level. It’s fun, it uses your whole body. You can do low impact, hight impact. It really is the best.

Strength training

This is quite simply, building lean muscle. You know what lean muscle does? Burn loads of calories at rest! Can you imagine putting these two things together? You’ll be in the best shape of your life.

The difference

I remember studying this years ago, when I first qualified. Machines versus free movement.

You know what I hate about machines? Your muscles move in the same way the whole time. Your muscles get so used to that! That’s why you stop getting results from walking. You hit your muscles in the exact same way, every single time. Getting a full body workout using all your muscles, working them out in different ways is best.

And the great news! That’s amazing for your mind too! We weren’t born to run on a treadmill, in a dark room in a gym. We were born to be expressive, using all our muscles in different ways. Amazing for the brain, amazing for the body.

Hope this helps,

Jessica X


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