How Do You Lose Weight Over The Age of 40?

So the topic I’m going cover today is how do you lose weight over the age of 40?

That must be one of the most common questions that I get because it can be really frustrating if you’re a woman and you’ve hit 40 or 50 and you’re gaining weight and you don’t know why, it could be really, really, really annoying, especially if you’re not doing anything differently. And you’ve always managed to feel good in your clothes and you’ve eaten healthy and you’ve walked or you’ve just moved your body.

And you’ve always felt very healthy. And then all of a sudden, you start to gain weight, really, really annoying, gaining weight around the middle…your clothes feeling tight, and it can sometimes feel like you’re not very much in control of your body. Well, I am here to get you feeling back in control of your body again, it is so, so important that you feel nice in your clothes because it has a huge effect on your confidence.

And if you don’t have confidence, how are you supposed to believe in yourself and have that really strong inner strength that you need to go and achieve your goals? And I meet so many women at the start, when they start program with me and they’re, sometimes some of them almost embarrassed to say that one of their biggest goals is to feel nicer in their clothes because they think that might sound a bit like just thinking of the outwardly stuff.

But it’s so important because feeling good in your clothes really affects the inwardly stuff. And if you are feeling like crap and you don’t feel like you’re putting your best foot forward and you’re walking around feeling like your clothes are just really wrecking your head, then you’re not going to be able to achieve the goals you want to set out, put your best foot forward and feel amazing. So that’s what this topic is on this morning

How do you lose weight over the age of 40? A couple of things are going on when you hit 40 plus.. peri-menopause, menopause, hormone fluctuations, which lead to weight gain.

They lead to weight gain around your middle and you don’t even have to do anything wrong or different for you to gain weight.It’s just an absolute fact, forties, fifties and it’s really, really frustrating.

 So what’s happening is that the you’ve got hormone fluctuations. You’re gain weight around your middle. Your lean muscle mass is declining.Your oestrogen levels are declining.

You have a lower metabolism, you’re burning less fat at rest.

So just all of that combined means you start to gain weight. So all you’ve got to say to yourself is right, okay, so I have to change things if what I have been doing up to this point is working and now it’s stopped working. Okay, I need to change these.

And there’s a few things that you can do, starting off with your nutrition.So you can start to get a little bit more brushed up let’s say on the food. and there’s a couple of quick wins that you can do.

 First off, ask yourself the following few questions.

Are you drinking too much alcohol? That’s an easy win, if you are and you can go back on that, deadly, brilliant. Are you eating too much junk food, because of the different changes that are going in your life are you kind of sitting down on the couch more of the nighttime and eating shite food?

That’s a huge killer of feeling good in your clothes. Honestly, you can eat healthy all day long. Do a workout, drink water, feel brilliant. But that 20 minutes where you’re on the couch where you’re having like biscuits or sweets or scones, if you got rid of that during the week five days a week, you’d lose weight. If you’re doing it now, you’d lose weight. So you’re not drinking much alcohol. not eating crap during the week.If you’re that done, that sorted and you still want to lose weight, then you have to look at your meals.

First quick win, are you eating too much starchy carbs? Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes. Are you finding that you’re snacking on that in the day and that you’re also having those at every single meal? Another quick win, reduce that, have one meal in the day that’s carbohydrates, starchy carbohydrate free, don’t snack on starchy carbohydrates during the day, snack on protein or fruit. That’s another quick win. Another one is to have a smaller dinner. You can load up your plate with veg, have protein but smaller in terms of your starchy carbs.

That’s another win. So if you do all that, you cut out the shite during the week, You’re not drinking alcohol during the week. You’ve looked at that, then you’re like, okay, I need to look at my meals. Am I eating too many starchy carbs? Okay, do I need to have a smaller meal at dinner?

Another good win is dinner being your last meal and wrapping up, like, let’s say you go to bed a half 10. So ideally, and this is if you’re trying to lose weight and it’s not working for you, having your dinner at around half six, latest if you can, if you have to push it back later, it’s fine. But having it at half six, last meal, done and dusted, being in bed at 10, drinking two litres of water every single day.

And my last thing is just the movement that you’ve got to be doing strength training, nice and simple, strength training. Get your metabolism up, makes you burn fat at rest,  turns you into a calorie burning machine.

So you are effectively burning way more fat at rest than you’re doing now

if you’re not doing strength training if you do all that stuff,

you’ll get back to feeling into really good shape again, your clothes will feel really good and you won’t be noticing so much that weight gain

menopause, perimenopause, you’ll actually feel really, really good.

 And you can spend your time focusing on the other challenges that cropped up.I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions about it, you can write below or send an email to

Jessica Cooke X


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