April 30

How Do I Reduce Belly fat?

Feeling overweight can take up a lot of headspace. It’s really important to me that our clients know the simple science behind fat loss, muscle tone, fitness etc, as I feel it’s so much more motivating, when you know what you need to do is a simple science.

The weight loss industry will have you believe that everything to do with women and weight loss has to be this really complicated, detailed mission, when in fact it’s not. My passion lies in supporting our clients and holding them accountable to their goals. That’s where the magic is, that’s the role of a really good coach. That’s how you get people fit. What you don’t do is get people into serious calorie counting, high protein diets, the keto, the paleo, really anything diet, or meal replacement related.

So when it comes to reducing belly fat, you don’t need shakes, or an extremely detailed meal plan. What you need to do is get the simple things right.

There’s two big things you need to address. The food you eat, and the exercise you do.

Resistance training and interval training will burn fat. Stomach exercises won’t. If your belly is bothering you, don’t get tempted to lie on the floor and do loads of stomach exercises. Squats, Lunges and Press-ups would be so much better.

You want to burn fat all over your body. You can’t spot reduce, and you also don’t know where it’s going to come off first. It’s different for everyone, so be patient and trust the process. Lean muscle mass burns fat, and it makes you burn double the amount of calories at rest, compared to someone that doesn’t workout. You see it’s not really the calories burned in a session that’s important, it’s the calories burned all day long because of it.

Interval training involves periods of work alternated with periods of rest. Helen Mirren swears by it and we’ve being doing it at Inspire Fitness for 12 years now, getting terrific results for our clients. Short bursts of exercises like running, skipping, the step, jumping jacks…anything that will get your heart rate up. Find some of my workouts here

Interval training strips fat off your body. Do that, rather than sit ups.

The food side of things, you need to get really real with yourself. What are you doing now that you know is contributing to your belly fat? Too much alcohol? Sugar? Late night snacking? It’s OK, we all do it, but you need to make a choice. Reduced belly fat or that glass of wine… reduced belly fat or late night snacking… it’s in your hands, you’re in control. You also need good healthy nutritious food to function well, physically and mentally. You can download FREE recipe books on our free tools section here

Eat 3 meals and 2 small snacks every day. Drink two litres of water every day. Workout, get a walk in. Make your weekends and weekdays separate. Enjoy your weekend evenings.

I hope this helps, please get in touch if you’ve any questions, I’d love to hear from you. You can comment below or email me on jessica@inspirefitnesstraining.ie

There’s a short video below that I made on this topic.

To your success,

Jessica Cooke

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