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Healthy Salmon Recipe: Honey & Orange Glazed Salmon!

Healthy dinner recipes, I love them! I had to share this recipe, it’s so quick and easy.

It turns salmon, which I  find can be a little boring sometimes, into something much more fun and tasty. Perfect for you on your own, or one for all the family. Full of good fats, it’s your perfect go-to dinner. Building up a library of easy healthy dinner recipes will help keep you on track.

The ingredients and ‘how to’ are in the video.

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Remember you don’t need to calorie count, weigh your food, count points, track ‘sins’.

You don’t need to  weigh yourself, or conform to a certain size.

You can be fit, healthy and fit great in your clothes when you eat healthy, workout and work on your mindset. Follow the 80/20 rule and find healthy dinner recipes that you love.

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