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hi there!

I'm Jessica Cooke

I had a complete breakdown in my twenties. I was extremely unhealthy at the time. I was overweight, drinking too much alcohol, and a smoker. Panic attacks, anxiety and stress were a big part of my life back then.

I chose a career in empowering women to get fit and healthy, because once I had recovered from my breakdown, I got really into fitness and health, and like many, I wanted to share what I had learned and help people that were struggling themselves.

My whole career is now dedicated to sharing all these tools that I have learned. To empower women to transform their lives through fitness. To empower women to feel great in their clothes, feel fit and healthy with so much energy and positivity in their lives… without calorie counting, dieting or weighing themselves.. or spending hours in the gym... oh and I must ay here, I love, love, love the workouts I design for my clients and do, in realtime with them. They transform you from the inside out and I've been developing the secret sauce to my workouts for over 14 years now. 

Big love to you,

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