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Healthy Dinner Recipe, Steak and Broccoli Protein Pots

The odd time, I like to experiment with my lunch, even though most of the time, I like mostly to focus on learning a new healthy dinner recipe, and keeping my breakfast and lunch the same. I like eating the same for those two meals, and I enjoy that.

Usually I’ll have a bowl of soup and a sandwich but sometimes a nice rice based dish can be just the thing.  This healthy dinner recipe is perfect for dinner, if you’re not avoiding starchy carbohydrates for your last meal, but if you are, have it at lunch instead. The beauty of this recipe is how easy it is, you can buy already cooked rice, and it all goes in the microwave. Perfect for those days when you’re in a rush, and you can make double and have the rest the next day.

I’ve learned that cooking healthy food is about finding healthy dinner recipes that work for you, not about trying to make things that just don’t suit you, or your lifestyle.  There is no wrong or right way, just focus on getting warm, healthy dinners, and focus on things that nourish your body and mind.

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Eating healthy is really important for good mental health.  When you are always grabbing things on the go, or eating sandwiches for dinner, it’s not great for your mood, or your mind. It’s a good idea to have a library of healthy dinner recipes that you can get access to quickly, wherever you are, and that will help so much.

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