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Going through the menopause, and struggling to fit into your clothes? You MUST do these 3 things

Your metabolism slows down. You gain weight around your stomach that seems very difficult to shift. What you’ve done in the past, you’re ‘go-to’, is not working anymore. You get hot flushes, bad sleep, and you’re losing muscle mass, which means your gaining weight. This can be a bit of a nightmare.

The Menopause… Can it be avoided?

You’ve two choices. You can let it beat you, or you can do everything you can, to quieten the symptoms. You can hit the wine more,  but you’re going to feel like s**t. You’ll gain more weight, and feel worse, so that’s not really a good path to go down.

The way I see it, you’ve only one option, and that’s to do things, that will increase your metabolism, build lean muscle on your body, improve your mood, reduce stress, be a healthy outlet (no alcohol or food),  and enable you to lose weight from your stomach and other parts.

Interval training & resistance training & core work = One big giant step in the best direction possible for you.

What will this combination do?

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  • Build lean muscle on your body. You’ll burn more calories at rest, get that lovely ‘lean, toned’ look and you’ll increase your metabolism.


  • Improve your mood. Interval training has one of the highest releases of dopamine, feel good hormones. You will finish a session truly feeling on top of the world.


  • Reduce stress. Interval training is like no other. Walking pales in comparison to the way interval training leaves you feeling. Your small problems literally fade away and you feel more capable to tackle the big ones.


  • Be a healthy outlet. It’s not work, or home, or the pub. It’s the place you go train and it’s private to you, away from your home or work life.


  • Weight loss. That combination is the Queen of workouts, stripping fat from your body, turning you into a calorie burning machine, leaving you fitting great into your clothes.

Going through the menopause can feel like the world is conspiring against you. But doing the same things that used to work for you, that aren’t anymore, will leave you feeling crazy!

My clients going through the menopause will tell you they feel so much better, and more like themselves again, when they started training in this way. Hope this helps you, contact me if you’ve any questions.

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