How to get fit and healthy, without having to diet, or spend hours at the gym.

How do you get fit when life is so busy, and you’re already feeling stressed about everything you have to do?

Do you start pounding the pavements every day? Do you start to diet and restrict your food intake? Do you join a gym and  start gung-ho on the machines?

The short answer is NO, you don’t need to do any of that stuff. ❌

With a little bit of planning,  using your time effectively and  doing the right type of training, you can increase your chances of success by up to 90%.

Managing your time well, and doing the right type of training, is crucial to getting results. And when you get results, you’re going to be motivated to keep going, so that’s Step 1:

Doing the right type of training, to get you results, in the most efficient time possible.

I finally lost 3 stone 10 years ago, and got fit, right before I set up Inspire Fitness, and I now coach my clients in everything I learned, to get fit, healthy, and in shape, without it taking over your life, or becoming obsessive.

Because thats the key, isn’t it? To be fit and healthy, without having to think about it too much. You want to get on with living your life, right? You don’t want it to BECOME your life.

So Step 1 is crucial.

Doing the right type of training.

And that training is what I do with my clients, who are all busy women, with no time to spare.

Interval training MIXED with resistance training, gives you more bang for your buck than no other type of training. This women-specific method is designed to help members maintain a target heart rate zone during the workout that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.

The results of these workouts include more overall energy, visible toning, and weight loss. Which is exactly what you want a workout to give you. No time wasted, you get results, the results keep you motivated. There’s no way you’ll want to back track.

Step 2:

Planning your sessions strategically, for success:

Joining a gym is pointless when you’re not motivated to turn up. Our clients book their sessions in with our App, a week in advance. It helps keep them focused, and it helps them to plan their week.

They schedule their sessions around their busy lives, as it’s the only way it works. Trying to turn up to something, that’s a massive struggle, is only going to make you want to quit. It’s got to easy to turn up to, and their has to be flexibility with times, to take into account your busy schedule.

Step 3:

Being held accountable

Not everybody bounds out of bed, exited to go workout, or has a rough day with kids, and can’t wait to get their workout gear on.  I know very few people like this. It’s really normal to to not want to workout. That’s  what we do.

If you’ve got a great personal trainer, they will take care of this for you. If you struggle with motivation, know that most people are just like this too! This is our favourite part of the job! To motivate you to COME IN AND TRAIN.

To inspire you, to support you, to hold you accountable. You don’t have to feel bad that you’re like this, that’s our favourite part of our job!

Inspire Fitness is specifically designed to include women of all fitness levels. Hard working, intelligent, multi- tasking women that want a non-judgmental, women only environment that is friendly and promotes a family bond.

Every workout is tested to ensure maximum calories burned during each workout, including the effects from post- workout calorie burn.

The workout method of Inspire Fitness has been tested with thousands of its participants and a team of coaches.  Inspire Fitness has made a significant investment in research and testing of its programs to ensure that women will see desired results with repetition and consistency.

Committed to your success,

Jessica Cooke

About the author 

Jessica Cooke

Over 7000+ successful women over 40 have benefitted from going through my Thrive Coaching Program since 2008.

When I'm not coaching, I love spending time with my family, playing pickleball, and reading. Every chance I can get, I'll take my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy for a walk in nature.

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