Focus On What You Can Control And Fight Against Old Habits Creeping Back In.

In very stressful periods and troubling times, sometimes we can revert back to old bad habits and the old ways we used to cope with things. It’s normal and it’s just us going into our default mode, the mode we know best, and the one that comes easiest to us.

Have you noticed that yourself? Have you started eating or drinking more? Have you let your exercise drop off? Maybe you were getting into reading and going to bed earlier, and now you’ve just stopped…?

It can be the hardest thing when all else around you feels so uncertain to keep up with a good health routine. Apathetic feelings come in, like ‘what’s the point’ and ‘life is too short’.  And I know it’s hard, because we get these feelings anyway when things are going good, so add stress and it can just seem impossible.

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But you need to ask yourself a few questions.

How do you feel about yourself right now? How are you going to feel with your current routine, two, or three months down the line? Is doing what you’re now making the situation worse? Are you feeling calm? Are you being your best self for your family? Are you showing up to them as best as you can?

If you’re eating too much, if you’ve quit exercise, if you’re whole routine has gone to pot, I’m here to help you.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start right now.

Write down what you can control. Things like:

your water intake;

the amount you exercise;

the meals you eat;

how much time you spend on your phone;

what you do with your time;.

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To be honest, when I heard the news, I retreated into my shell and started doing all of the stuff I described at the top of this blog. Food intake went way up, exercise didn’t go down, but every other bad habit I embraced again, like an old friend. The only thing that made me stop, was that the questions I asked myself made me think, and that’s why I wanted to share them with you.

It can be a really powerful thing to ask yourself questions about why you’re doing something, and what you want out of it.

For me, I realised I wanted to continue being a leader. I want to continue to help people feel good about themselves, and I’m not able to do that hungover or overweight. So my journey through this begins too, and I’m taking it one day at a time, but I have my rules very clear again, and here they are.

I read some of my book every day, I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. I cut out all junk food, apart from a Saturday evening, but also allowing myself to have scones with jam or something similar sometimes, when I’m just feeling so rotten. Alcohol now is only on a Saturday night again, and I made a pact with my husband Joe, which really helps. I workout every week day, and I enjoy my day and have fun with the kids. I also every day help people feel good, which in turn helps me feel good, and helps me keep the focus off myself and my concerns.

Love to you all, if I can be of any help to please email me at

Thinking of you all,

Jessica Cooke.

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About the author 

Jessica Cooke

I love drinking coffee, and my favourite thing in life (apart from my family) is to help women to get fit and break free from unhealthy habits holding them back. (oh, and also I love playing with my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy)

I’ve now supported over 6,779 women over 14 years in my Thrive Coaching Program get fit and break free from unhealthy habits!

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