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Here’s the Quickest and Easiest Way for you to Succeed in Fitting Great in Your Clothes… consistently!

Fitting great in your clothes consistently is absolutely possible.

What are your rituals?

Your rituals are the things that you do day in, and day out. They’re the consistent choices that you make on a daily basis.

If you’re not fitting great in your clothes, or you’re constantly yo-yoing, and you’re sick of it, let’s get to the bottom of that problem.

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They say that the quality of your life is related to the types of questions you ask yourself, as these questions shape your thought process, your habits, and therefore your actions.

So for example, asking yourself’ Why do I always fail at that’?, or ‘Why can I never seem to keep the weight off’? are really dis-empowering questions. Those type of questions will keep you in a negative state, and won’t help you search for the answers that will actually help you progress past this block.

Better questions to ask yourself are ‘How can I improve this? ‘What do I need to do to get where I want to be’? ‘How can I go about progressing to the next level’?

So let’s start with some simple questions to ask yourself..

  1. Are you eating healthy 5 days per week? (no junk food/biscuits/wine/cakes/crisps)?
  2. Are you drinking 2 litres of water every day?
  3. Are you late-night snacking on the couch?
  4. Are you exercising regularly?
  5. Are you drinking too much?
  6. Are you neglecting yourself?
  7. Are you incorporating resistance training into your workout regime?
  8. Are you eating 3 meals and 2 snacks?
  9. Are  you taking good care of your mental health?
  10. Are you sleeping well?
  11. Are you dedicating a couple of hours just to yourself every week?

I can pretty quickly see where a client is at based on the answers to these questions.

To fit well into your clothes, and to stop yo-yoing, you’ve got to get consistent at a number of key things.

Consistency is key and as boring as it sounds, you’ve got to stick with the basic principles. Searching for the latest fad and ‘new thing’ is a complete waste of time. Getting the basics right, and then being able to move on to more important stuff going on in your life, is really the holy grail. That’s what I want for all of my clients. That’s what we’re always working towards.

That what they do becomes so normal for them, that they don’t have to think about all this stuff anymore. It doesn’t occupy their brain anymore, they’re in a routine and that’s it.

The basic principles

Resistance training.

If you want results, you’ve got to do resistance training. Your muscle mass started decreasing at the age of 30. Without lean muscle mass your metabolism is low. When you’re metabolism is low, you burn less calories, you gain weight. What used to work for you, stops working. The food plan you used to follow all of a sudden is leading you to gain weight. You’ve got to do resistance training. Bone density, muscle mass, and tissue strength are all improved.

Interval training

All of my clients do interval training, because they all want to be their best selves. It burns fat so efficiently and for hours after a session. It’s fun, quick and has the highest level of dopamine (feel good hormones). This is for you if you want to get really fit and fit great in your clothes.

The food

So simple when you spend all the hard work getting there. What I mean is, the principles are simple, but the real work goes into actually getting rid of the bad habits, and addressing the reasons why you may be turning to food/wine/not working out. Getting support and being held accountable are critical if you’re struggling in this area.

Sometimes in life, you’re not self-motivated in an area of your life, and that’s OK. You’re not wonder woman. Give up being hard on yourself, figure out where you’re struggling, the barrier between you and where you want to be, and come up with a strategy to get there.

Hope this helps,

Jessica X

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    love your videos. So true about not feeling guilty. I’ve joined a gym. Loving my new routine. 3 mornings a week. Finally my body is seeing results. It’s a lot to do with emotions too.

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