"For Busy Women Who Want to Uncover Their True Potential & Live Life To Its Fullest"

Unleash the #FEELGOOD YOU!

A Breakthrough 5 Hour Workshop Followed By A Guided 30 Day Implementation Challenge

[Saturday, Xth June 2019, Yam - Zpm - Inspire Fitness, Tuam Road]

Have you ever imposed 'mental limits' on yourself?

Maybe you've told yourself - "I could never be that fit", "I'll never be as confident as her", or more generally, maybe you believe "I could never achieve THAT, or have that level of success at X/Y/Z in my life".

You're not alone. The majority of the limitations most women I meet have, are self-imposed!

By that, I mean they don't have any ACTUAL reason to believe some of the crappy things they tell themselves!

However, the really exciting part is...

With the right info., and a little practice, you can REWIRE the negative limiting beliefs that hold you back so they work FOR you, in EVERY area of your life... health, career, finance, relationships.

So instead of feeling inadequate, uncertain, or low in confidence, you become UNSTOPPABLE.

That's why I want to personally invite you to the first ever "Unleash The #FEELGOOD You" workshop I'm hosting on XXX, when I'll show you exactly how.

That will only be the start - for 30 days AFTER you leave, you'll practice everything you've learned in a fully structured and supported 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge. 

Nothing will ever be the same again!

Jessica Cooke

Jessica Cooke, Owner Inspire Fitness - Galway's Boutique Fitness Club for Busy Women

What you can expect from the 'Unleash the #FEELGOOD You' Workshop


Understanding your emotional blueprint

Whether to do with your appearance, your abilities, your capacity to succeed in any given area, we all set the bar for ourselves at a certain level. We're all living out a blueprint that was laid down by the specific environment we were brought up in. Much of that isn't useful and no longer has a place for us.


Identify and cast off the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Your emotional blueprint charts the course for many of the daily decisions you make. If you're making important life decisions that effect your health or family based on a false belief, it's time to remedy that. Discover how to rewire your negative beliefs into positive, empowering ones that set you on a better, more fulfilling path.


The Ultimate Success Formula

If I told you that you could double, or even triple your chances of success in anything you turn your hand to, by following just FIVE steps ANYBODY could follow, how would that change your life? How would it alter your confidence when tackling a challenge... if you knew exactly how to break it down so that you winning was the inevitable outcome?


Energy & Fun

This workshop is designed to be high energy. Working out is part of that. You'll be expected to join in, because you'll get the most out of it if you do. Making big changes to your mind and body is going to take energy and movement, so you'll need plenty of practice!

But that's not all.

You'll also get €364 in bonuses...


Follow-up 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge (€80 value)

Take all the tools, strategies, workout techniques away from the workshop, and put them to straight to use, with support from me and the team, as well as from the new friends you've made. 


Full access to the Inspire Fitness Foundation Nutrition Course Online (€199 value)

Our online nutrition program is the basis for everything food-wise we do at Inspire. Move through the course at your own pace, with recipe library and videos to access whenever you're stuck for something healthy and delicious to make.


Inspire Fitness Client Goodie Bag (€35 value)

Normally reserved for our long-term clients, this goodie bag has everything you need to keep you on track. With branded sports bag, water bottle, and workout journal, you'll be all set for your next workout.


€50 Voucher to use towards any standard program at Inspire Fitness (€50 value)

Simply bring along your voucher when starting any standard program at Inspire, and you'll make a saving of €50. If you decide against that, then we'll be happy to honour the voucher if you'd like to gift it to a close friend.


Free accountability and support through our member's only Facebook group (Priceless)

Take support from our wonderful Facebook community, and the Inspire Team, as you build towards the goals you set at the in-person workshop. Ask questions, share recipes, or just gain confidence that you're 'doing it right'.

What others are saying about us...

Still Undecided About Joining Us?

Here are some benefits of attending, and some pitfalls if you miss out.


  • Let go of limiting beliefs  
  • Redefine habits that don't serve
  • Transform your health and mind
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & fearful thoughts
  • Set new, powerful beliefs
  • Live life feeling fully awake
  • Learn to recognise the opportunities in front of you
  • Have FUN!

Miss out

  • Remain the same (in a rut?)
  • Continue negative patterns of behaviour
  • Reinforce negative self-talk
  • Never fully understand how to 'fix' the underlying problem
  • Remain unsure of your potential
  • Risk missing out on countless opportunities you'll never even know about.

Final word:

This is the first ever 'Unleash the #FEELGOOD You' Workshop I've ever held. It makes sense that I want you to be BLOWN AWAY by the value you get.

I hope you can see that from the bonuses I've piled on to this special offer.

More than that, I understand the POWER of breakthrough moments - when, in an instant, you start to think about something in a completely different way than you ever have.

That's what this 'Unleash the #FEELGOOD You' Workshop is all about.

[We own 16 chairs, so there are 16 places :-)]

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher