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Does it really matter what the weighing scales say?

It really bugs me that you weigh yourself. That you judge yourself on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, by what you weigh. You know you’re not doing it to congratulate yourself, so why is one of your daily rituals to put yourself down?

The times that you jump up on the scales and are happy about it, is it often? Do you workout? Do you know muscle weighs more that fat? If you know that, and you work out, does it bother you that you have healthy muscles?

Would you prefer to be unhealthy, no lean muscle, so the scales would say what you want them to say?

Would you settle right now for looking and feeling as you are, but the scales displaying the weight you wanted to be at?

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If you got really thin, built loads of lovely lean muscle (think Jennifer Aniston, and you appeared to be slightly ‘heavy’ in your eyes on the scales, would you try and lose more weight?

The truth is, we all know when we’ve gained weight, and we all know when we’ve lost weight. You know when you’re healthy, and you know when you’re not.

If you’re not happy with your body, if you’re actually overweight, work out, eat well, and address your emotional reasons for turning to food. Weighing yourself can be very de-motivating, so just throw them in the bin, find a pair of jeans, that you know when you fit into them, you’re healthy, and not over-eating.

It’s time to rise you, step up and celebrate yourself and your uniqueness. Get rid of every single bit of negativity in your life. Every single tiny bit. Someone drags you down? Get rid. Says a nasty comment and treats you badly? Get rid. Just for some reason doesn’t make you feel secure? Get rid.

Your only hope is you. Love and affection to yourself has to come from you. Be your own guide. Know what you want.

Love yourself. Eat healthy most of the time. Workout. Drink water. Sleep well. Enjoy your life and be authentically yourself.

Big love to you,

Jessica X

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