Do You Need To Vary Your Workouts To See Results?

What kind of results do you want? Do you want to feel great in your clothes, have tons of energy, sleep better, feel fit and healthy? Well yes, you absolutely need to vary your workouts but not the magic formula!

When you get stuck in a rut, and you either stop getting results or just aren’t getting anywhere, it can be really frustrating. Most women do the wrong type of training as they get older, and it adds to their frustration as they have no idea why their clothes are getting tight. As you get older, your lean muscle mass decreases, your metabolism drops and you burn less calories at rest, which leads to weight gain, even if you’re not eating any extra food. What used to work, doesn’t anymore. I see it time and again.

When you’re younger, any form of movement will get you results. When you’re older, you need to be more strategic and think about the results you want.

If you want to lose weight, fit good in your clothes, have tons of energy and feel brilliant, then 30 minutes of exercise, 5 times per week, will get you all that.

In that 30 minutes, you need to be doing a mix of interval training, resistance training and core work. You need resistance to build lean muscle, interval training to burn fat, and core work for a flatter stomach and a strong core, which is so important as we get older. So that format won’t vary. That format gets you results, the right type of results as a woman.

The wonderful thing about it is, done properly, that format has umpteen different variations you can do, so you can vary your workouts as much as you like! In fact, it’s a great idea to vary your workouts to keep your muscles guessing! I love to help my clients work hard while they’re working out and get actual results from what they are doing. Results are key! You need to be always asking yourself ‘Am I getting results from this? What do I need to do to get results? What does results look like for me? How can I measure my success?

I hope this helps you!

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To your success,

Jessica Cooke X


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Jessica Cooke

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