Discover how to break free from your bad habits, #FEELGOOD, and live your best life. | Jessica Cooke Personal Trainer Galway

Discover how to break free from your bad habits, #FEELGOOD, and live your best life.

What is it that you want right now that you’re not getting? Are you losing and gaining weight over and over and over again?

You know what, that’s a massive sign that you’ve got conflicting things going on.

On the one hand, you want to feel amazing, eat well, look great, and most importantly feel and be fit. On the other hand, you’re not there, because your habits aren’t serving your goals.

Why aren’t your habits serving your goals? Because they haven’t caught up with what you want. You’re doing things that are just HABITS. They’re not a reflection on you, or your personality, or that you’re ‘lazy’, or have a ‘sweet tooth’.

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You don’t have a sweet tooth, you have bad habits that are stopping you from getting where you want to be.

You’ve got one life, one shot to make it brilliant. And you know how you make your life brilliant? You make it brilliant by feeling good, most of the time. You make it good by eating well and working out consistently.

You don’t get a medal for putting yourself first, and if you claw back three hours for yourself weekly, no one even cares. No one even cares when you don’t take those three hours for yourself. You’re putting yourself last and FOR WHAT? You’re not progressing or growing. You can’t say to yourself ‘oh it’ll be worth it’. It’s the opposite in fact. You feel like crap, you’re unfit, and you start to hate your body, because you feel uncomfortable.

The only person that can change you is you. No diet plan will do this. No fad type of training, no meal replacements or shakes or protein bars. It’s you.

Stop late night snacking if you want to be fit. Stop missing out on exercise if you want to feel good. If you’re late night snacking and not exercising, stop complaining about how unfit you are.

You’re a reflection of your habits.

If you want it badly enough, change your habits.

And you know how quickly you can change your habits?


Right now.

For example, you can clear out the house of all junk food.

You could go for a workout.

You could grab a drink of water and a piece of fruit.

You could write out a plan for the week.

Right now. You can get on the success path RIGHT NOW.  You don’t have to wait until you get results, once you’re on the right path, you’re winning.

Hope this helps,

Jessica X

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For 10 years, I’ve helped busy, stressed-out women lose weight, get fit & feel great, with my #FEELGOOD programs, much faster and with better results, than any fad diet, fitness class or regular gym.